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Article: The makeup of the 80’s back, we dare extravagance!

The makeup of the 80’s back, we dare extravagance!

The trends of the eighties offer a new youth! It is time to adopt them to put a dose of good mood in our routine make-up.

The 1980s were the decade of extravagance! Fashion but also makeup were creative, artistic and full of peps. While the nineties keep passionate about crowds, the eighties may well be about to outdo them. For some time, a new trend has emerged on social networks TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag #myparentslookThe concept? Generation Z decided to draw on their mother’s look at the time of college or high school, which brings us back directly into the 80’s! One can also draw inspiration from the period icons of Madonna, Grace Jones, Cyndie Lauper but also the super top models Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. In this decade, fashion and beauty were at their peak. So it’s no wonder the eighties are coming back into force. Fancy and good mood! We want a colorful, glossy, glittered makeup and as Cindy Lauper says so well, "Du fun"! But how do we adopt all these trends version 2021? The Workshop of the Sourcil tells you everything!

Audacious eyes

Instagram @makeupbydutch

Eyes make-up is particularly important in wearing an eighty makeup! To succeed in making up, you just have to experiment and be inventive. It is not hesitant to use shimmering colours and mix them at the will of its desires, mainly if they seem to be totally opposite. The most mad and original associations often give the best results. One of the most important pink, purple and especially blue, the most prized hues in the '80s.

You can have fun coloring the entire eyelid of the eyelashes to the eyebrows and why not, overtake a little on the temples as if to create a halo of light around the eyes. They can also be given a modern touch thanks to the smoked effect, mainly due to the trend of paquebot fumant. We don't squeeze on the glitter that one puts on the eyelids but also on the whole face! Highlighter or illuminating powder will not leave you again!

We can also try to glossy trend who made his big return in 2020 and is not ready to dwarf again. For this, it is simply enough to cover his eyelids with a gloss.

Neon colors are also indispensable! In version 2021, they carry one or more eyeliner traits. Once again, you do not hesitate to mix the colors and superimpose them. Floating eyeliner or graphic eyeliner are two ideal ways to appropriate and revisit the eighty-eighty look!

As for the eyebrows, they want to be rebel naturals and a strand! They are preferably filled with a powder of the color of their hairs for a smoked effect and then brushed upwards for a wild effect using our transparent fixator gel Forme de croissance.

The blush crosses the cheeks' borders

Instagram @shannonxtaylorxmua

The blush is one of the essential products for creating a '80s makeup! It allows you to achieve a beauty look both defined and very sharp. The monochrome look was already very trendy last year. Make up a make-up with one and only product! The happy elected is obviously the cheek prank one loves orange, coral or even purple but the fetish color of the eighties is the bright rose !

blush is one of the most versatile products! It is deposited on cheekbones, nose tips, chin and even on eyelids to give the face a good look naturally. For a beauty look '80s, we opt for a little more fantasy. It is chosen with a glittered cheek prank and applied graphically from the cheekbones and then back up on the temples or even on the eyelids to below the eyebrows. Anyway, we don't do lace!

A flashy, glossy mouth

Instagram @cassandrarosemaxfield

The glossy effect is one of the must-have of the eighties whether on the eyelids or on the lips. We like everything that shines and everything that is bright. The colours are bold and bold, especially on red or better, on the rose fuchsia.

The lips are covered with a pencil of the same colour as the lipstick chosen for longer outfit. Then, using a brush, the lipstick is applied across the entire mouth of the commissures to the Cupid bow. We cover the whole thing with a gloss and here you are with a beauty look worthy of La Boum or Danse saleWith as much style as you can’t be left in a corner!

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