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Article: Why is exfoliation an essential step in the beauty routine?

Why is exfoliation an essential step in the beauty routine?

Exfoliation is known to remove dead skin cells to restore radiance, but the benefits don't stop there. The scrub, whether grain or chemical, is a step that should not be forgotten to boost your skincare routine.

When the skin looks dull and tired, exfoliation is the answer to regaining a fresh and luminous complexion. It can be carried out manually, that is to say using a scrub with a granular texture during a massage which removes all the dead cells from the epidermis, or else chemically using a formulation based on acids that help dissolve all impurities. Exfoliation is a real moment of well-being, but we often tend to think that if we skip it, it's okay! Well think again because the scrub is of capital importance in the beauty routine and has many benefits. We even bet you that after reading this article, exfoliation will become your new favorite treatment. In addition to being pleasant and restoring radiance and softness to the face, the scrub fights the signs of aging, activates cell renewal and even improves the effectiveness of the skincare routine. You will understand, he's a bit of a beauty superman! The proof by 7!

  • Unclog pores

Exfoliation does more than just remove dead cells from the surface of the epidermis. When you erase your skin, it unclogs and deeply cleanses the pores. Bye bye pollution and other impurities! By clearing the pores, exfoliation prevents the formation of blackheads and whiteheads, while fighting and reducing acne because the sebum is no longer trapped under a layer of dead cells. The pimples gradually disappear until the skin is smooth and soft.

However, it is essential not to attack your face because the exfoliation could then have the opposite effect from that sought! We then combine manual and chemical exfoliation. Once or twice a week, we exfoliate with a gentle grain scrub while the rest of the time, a chemical exfoliant is used, which can be applied daily.

  • Boost the effectiveness of other beauty products

Exfoliation improves the effectiveness of other treatments. Would she be a magician? Almost ! The scrub removes all impurities from the epidermis and unclogs the pores. So, care can penetrate faster and deeper into the layers of the skin. This is quite logical! Impurities form a kind of barrier that prevents the active ingredients in cosmetic products from reaching the different layers of the skin. When it is cleared of it, then they have a free hand. The treatments work better, the results are more visible, we use less products and we even save money! Isn't life beautiful?

  • Improve hydration

By boosting the effectiveness of beauty products, the scrub allows better hydration of the skin. In addition, exfoliators formulated with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), or fruit acids, stimulate the production of natural ceramides and hyaluronic acid which prevents dehydration.

  • Reduce the signs of aging

Regularly exfoliating your face evens out the complexion. The skin can show spots, acne scars, a rough texture, but also fine lines and wrinkles. The scrub stimulates cell renewal because it removes dead cells and therefore leaves more space to create new, healthy cells. Scars, spots, wrinkles and fine lines disappear as the skin smooths out.

  • Boost collagen production

But where do the powers of exfoliation end? One of its many benefits is that it helps boost the production of collagen, a protein naturally present in the body that helps maintain the elasticity and good health of the skin.

From the age of 30, the process of cell renewal slows down and collagen production decreases considerably. The skin begins to sag and score faster. Thanks to exfoliation, the skin receives mild trauma that contributes to fibroblast activation, the cells present in the connective tissue, so as to increase the production of collagen and even elastin in the derme. It is then smoother, more toned and as plumped.

  • Improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage

Exfoliation stimulates and improves blood circulation, which is why it is useful to exfoliate not only your face but also your body! Scrub and massage activate blood circulation for better oxygenation of the blood and better functioning of blood vessels. It also affects the lymph! Exfoliation improves lymphatic drainage for internal body cleansing, eliminating toxins both indoors and outdoors. The skin is then much more beautiful and healthy and not just at the level of the face. Body scrub has the same effect, which reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

  • Activate hair regrowth and... hair

It is often recommended to exfoliate the area you want to wax before hair removal to avoid ingrown hairs. It is also important to do regular scrubs because when regrowth, if the skin is healthy and smooth, the hair will more easily find its way to the exit instead of getting stuck under the skin.

In addition, exfoliation helps to activate hair regrowth and therefore hair because by stimulating blood circulation, hair follicles are better irrigated. Thus, they produce more keratin, the raw material of hair and hair. It is therefore essential not to forget your scalp or your eyebrows! It's pretty good because the Eyebrow Workshop has just come out a scrub specially designed for eyebrows and lips. You're the look of a doe and a mouth to chew!

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