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Article: How to adopt the straight eyebrows of Phoebe Dynevor, the heroine of The Chronicle of the Bridgertons?

How to adopt the straight eyebrows of Phoebe Dynevor, the heroine of The Chronicle of the Bridgertons?

The Bridgertons Chronicle is the new phenomenon series of Netflix, produced by Shonda Rhimes the creator of Grey's Anatomy. If the story of Daphne Bridgerton has fascinated more than one, her straight eyebrows have also hit the mark! But how to adopt the look of the heroine of the show?

Is this the end of arched eyebrows? If we always like beautiful, full and well-defined eyebrows, the very structured and dramatic lines give way to much more naturalness. We fall for the "virgin brows" or even the "fluffy brows" that just appear to have been brushed off. One thing is certain, the arch is not so marked than a few years ago. It tends to mellow as in Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Zendaya, Lily-Rose Depp or even the star of the series of the moment, Phoebe Dynevor. In The Bridgertons Chronicle, the actress plays Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of a wealthy upper-class London family during the English Regency. Viewers have been fascinated by the story of the young woman since the series was released on Netflix. If her wardrobe in pastel colors and clean lines seduce, her beauty look fascinates! Daphne Bridgerton sports beautiful thick, fluffy and above all straight eyebrows! Is her performer Phoebe Dynevor about to launch a new fashion? This is very possible because a straight line has many advantages, in particular that of rejuvenate the look.

Phoebe Dynevor didn't invent straight eyebrows, this pretty, bold shape was adopted by fashion icon Audrey Hepburn. His doe gaze framed by a pretty provided and straight line charmed the world of cinema.

For several years, thick, straight eyebrows have been particularly popular in South Korea. Stars Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee, and Son Ye Jin all sport thick, but straight hair lines. Korean women pluck the drooping tail so that the eyebrow is short and straight. If this trend has conquered Asia, the West is inspired by it. Thus, Phoebe Dynevor keeps the tail of her eyebrow in order to display a very thick and stretched line while subtly erasing her arch. A straight eyebrow does have a flat or lowered arch. The hairline extends towards the temples, which instantly gives a lifting effect to the gaze.

How to adopt straight eyebrows?

Usually the eyebrows are slightly arched although it may depend on the person. Some will have lines with a very marked arch while others will have a softer, rounded or even almost straight shape. If your brows are not very arched naturally, it will obviously be easier to sport the same shape as Phoebe Dynevor.

To adopt this trend, you have to let your hair grow because part of the tail is bound to disappear. We recommend that you take Appointment at a technician who will perfectly know how to draw your eyebrows. There is no room for improvisation, it requires real technique! You should know that even a straight line will have a slight camber. It is therefore essential to ask the professional for a subtle arch and a nice balance at the strategic points of your arch so that it is as straight as possible. In places where the eyebrows are rather arched down, the hairs will have to be pulled out at the base while others will be drawn on top to harmonize the line. On the other hand, at the level of the arch, the hairs will have to be plucked on the top while we will add some below to fill the gap.

Makeup will be your best friend to adopt the trend of right eyebrows! Before going through the hair removal box, it is possible toerase hair using a anticerne or a corrector where they are intended to be removed. On the contrary, using a pencil, small hatches are traced to the places where we wish to fill the hair gap stretching your line and make it straighter. With this technique, you will be able to adopt the trend on a temporary basis. This will make it easier to know if the right eyebrows are right for you before making an appointment with your expert.

Once the eyebrows are waxed, they are filled with our eyebrow pencil Sublimabrow choose the natural color of one's eyebrows. Small skewed lines are drawn to mimic the hairs to harmonize the line. We add some below the ark and stretch the eyebrow well up to the temple in order to enlarge and raise the look for the famous "lift effect". All that's needed is to fix everything thanks to our transparent fixing gel Browshape. You're ready to join the Bridgertons!

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