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Article: Valentine's Day, what mistakes to avoid for perfect makeup?

Valentine's Day, what mistakes to avoid for perfect makeup?

Love and seduction will be there on Valentine's Day! To subjugate your better half on February 14, here are the mistakes not to make for a romantic and successful makeup!

This year, Valentine's Day may be a bit special! The traditional candlelight dinner will not take place in the restaurant but at home. However, this does not mean that the evening will not be magical! For this, you have planned everything from the menu to the outfit, including hair and makeup. As we know, the small details make the difference! It would be a shame then for a little addict to spoil the party. Here is just for you a little rundown of the mistakes to avoid for a perfect make-up that will capsize the heart of your loved one.

WRONG # 1: Don't hydrate your skin

The very first step to successful makeup is hydration! The products blend in much better and last longer on perfectly nourished and hydrated skin than on dry, flaky skin. The day before D-Day, we advise you to realize a hydrating night mask. Your face can then benefit from its benefits for several hours. You will wake up with rehydrated, soft and plumped skin. In the morning, we remove the excess with a gentle cleanser, apply our serum and moisturizer before going to make-up.

WRONG # 2: Forget to put a base

So that the make-up is perfect throughout the evening, the secret is to use a primer for the complexion and a primer for the eyelids. A base tightens the pores, smoothes the skin and protects it. The foundation is not absorbed and retains its uniformity. At eye level, it allows the eyeshadows to hold much longer and not to slip into the creases of the eyelids.

WRONG # 3: Not choosing the right products for your complexion

For top-notch makeup, a pretty, well-crafted complexion is essential. For this, it is important to choose the right products. We opt for a foundation of the color of her skin tone in order to avoid any demarcation. This year, we particularly like the fluid and light textures to enhance its natural glow. For the concealer, we put on a slightly lighter shade than that of her skin to brighten the eyes. To perfect her complexion, apply pink blush to the cheekbones and then a translucent powder over the entire face using a large brush. For even more light, we can afford a illuminating powder, or a few keys highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, below the browbone and on the cupid's bow.

WRONG # 4: Don't exfoliate your lips

For a mouth to die for, the lip exfoliation is the b.a.-ba. The night before, use a special scrub or a little honey mixed with sugar to remove dead skin. Then apply a lip mask or a rich balm to hydrate them well. They will then be soft and smooth. Whether you wear lipstick, gloss or a simple balm, no one will resist your mouth!

Little scoop, L’Atelier du Sourcil will be offering you a brand new product in a few weeks: The 2 in 1 eyebrow and lip exfoliator, it will be perfect!

WRONG # 5: Forget your eyebrows (the worst mistake: avoid!)

The eyebrows harmonize the shape of the face and that of the eyes, so it is essential not to neglect them, especially if you plan to focus on your eyes. The day before, we clean them by epilating only the small hairs that could protrude and we moisturize the area well with a cream. During makeup, we brush them upwards then we bring his pencil Sublimabrow. We draw small hatching to fill in the sparse areas. You blend with your little brush by brushing them into the desired shape. We end with a layer of its transparent fixing gel Browshape to keep them in place throughout the evening.

WRONG # 6: Do too much!

The "less is more " is currently very trendy and it is not for nothing! When it comes to makeup, it's not the best but the "too much" which is the enemy of good. We then avoid superimposing the layers of foundation, blush, mascara or even concealer. If you don’t hesitate to show off your eyes, you’re not going for a look that is too sophisticated or complicated to achieve on Valentine's Day. You will certainly have to start all over again! We prefer to bet on a light make-up with nude or soft colors. In order not to be mistaken, we choose to highlight either the eyes or the lips for a romantic and natural look.

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