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Article: This makeup trend makes us love our dark circles!

This makeup trend makes us love our dark circles!

Dark circles are no longer camouflaged! On the contrary, they are in the spotlight on social media. We tell you all about this body positive trend.

The body positive movement is more and more popular, and it feels good! This term appeared in the late 1990s and advocates acceptance and self-love. No matter the size, weight, shape, all bodies deserve to be respected and loved. But it was really at the dawn of the 2010s that the body positive began to really emerge by focusing on a questioning unrealistic female beauty standards. Yes Instagram is often singled out for normalizing perfection, the social network has nevertheless played a big role in the rise of the body positive movement. Many stars or influencers do not fail to show their "flaws" in order to demonstrate that what society considers "imperfect" is in fact quite normal. Cellulite, stretch marks, scars, acne and other "blemishes" are part of us and our history. All these little flaws should not be rejected but on the contrary loved and tamed in order to boost our self-confidence.

Some time ago, freckles became a real beauty asset when they were shunned or even laughed at for a long time. Following the Meghan Markle effect who does not hesitate to emphasize her own, they have become trendy. Today, we no longer hide them under a thick layer of foundation, we show them off! And those who don't have natural freckles can still get them tattooed or drawn using our Fantastic Freeckles pencil. What if this phenomenon also applies to dark circles?

Dark circles are far from being considered an asset. After a short night, we have a tendency to pounce onconcealer in order to hide the bluish or even purplish area under our eyes. However, this gesture could well become obsolete! Social network Tik Tok is known for its multitude of often innovative, sometimes bizarre beauty trends. Recently, Sara Carstens known as @sarathefreeelf has not taken her concealer to finish makeup on her complexion. On the contrary, she preferred a brown lipstick in order to draw dark circles! Her video quickly went viral and received over 30,000 comments! Many Internet users were initially surprised by this gesture, but many thanked the young woman for normalizing something frequently deemed to be a fault by society and which can thus generate a real complex. "Are we finally going to make this trend a trend? I'm going to cry ! Thank God I'm so happy my pockets are huge "," Yes let's make dark circles a trend, I'm tired of using concealer "," I just say yes so I can't be judged for having it. " , could we read in the comments while many admitted to having been laughed at because of their dark circles or their bags under the eyes.

Leaving your dark circles visible reminds a trend born in the 1990s with Kate Moss as the New York Times judged "aesthetics of a 'nihilistic' industry fueled by drugs, partying and sex ". Some worry that it could glamorize addictions or depression, but Sarah Carstens claimed to be in a benevolent approach. She just wants to put an end to the complexes that result from the dictates of beauty. "Normalize your dark circles! They are beautiful", she said, adding that she was not planning to make fun or create a trend but simply abolish unrealistic beauty standards.

But then should we adopt this trend? We are obviously not going to wave our lipstick or our eye shadow in order to draw dark circles below the eyes. However, it teaches us to understand that physical characteristics deemed to be flaws by society are not. It is important to take care of your skin and your eyes, especially with eye contour care but it is essential to accept and love yourself. Dark circles are completely normal! If there's nothing stopping us from toning it down with a little concealer, there's nothing wrong with letting it appear in total look free every now and then. It’s a personal choice, what matters is feeling good about yourself, having confidence in yourself, and loving yourself. After all, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who accepts and loves herself as she is!

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