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Article: Smoky eyeliner, the make-up trend for a subtly sexy look

Smoky eyeliner, the make-up trend for a subtly sexy look

The smoky effect is back, but in version 2021! This year, it does not extend over the entire eyelid but only at the eyeliner line for a sexy, subtle look.

The smoky high is absolutely everywhere! On our hair, our nails and even our eyes. The smoky eye has never really disappeared, it remains a timeless one. Nevertheless, he keeps reinventing himself over the seasons.

This year, "natural" is the watchword in beauty and makeup. Likewise, the eyes are the center of attention with the mandatory wearing of a mask. We like very light make-ups. The smoky look is ideal for both soft and glamorous makeup! We no longer cover our eyelids with several eyeshadows to create a dramatic gradient. We prefer subtlety! So we just brush our eyebrows, with a touch of mascara and a dash of smoky eyeliner.

We can bet on black to be sure not to make a mistake. However, brown is softer and has a much more natural effect. It is preferred for daytime beauty looks. Let’s not forget, however, that 2021 is also a year of fantasy! Yes, we love contrasts! While the makeup trends of the 80s are back in force, we adopt the color and graphic lines. Blue, green, purple, yellow and even red, nothing is off limits. We bring a little joy and light to his make-up with a simple line of colored eyeliner that is blended up towards the temples in a cat eye version to create a nice smoky effect.

Smoky has the advantage of softening very bold looks so that they are easier to adopt. We can then be tempted by all the colors of the rainbow and by the graphic lines. The eyeliner line no longer has to be stuck to the roots of the upper lashes. It flies over the eyelid between the eyelashes and the eyebrow, it splits or lengthens more and more towards the temples and even towards the nose. Our eyes are now our only way to express our personality, so it is recommended to let your creativity speak. We experiment, we discover, we enjoy playing with colors and textures then… we blend to create the famous smoky effect. It doesn't take more to be right on trend!

How to achieve a perfect line of smoky eyeliner?

For a perfect line of smoky eyeliner, start by covering the eyelids with a special base to absorb the sebum. Make-up will last much better and longer. The runny or streaked eyeliner, very little for us!

We do not use a classic eyeliner but rather an eye shadow or our pencil Les Gemmes for even easier application. We draw a line along the upper lashes, thickening it as we slide over the eyelid. Then, we go up a little towards the temples, making it slightly protrude from the outer corner of the eye. We take our time to draw your line. No need to trace it with a single gesture! On the contrary, we make small hatching at the base of the eyelashes and we do not hesitate to go over several times with your pencil to homogenize the line.

You can also use eye shadow on its own or over the pencil. We choose it in a shade similar to that of his pencil to intensify his eyeliner line and the smoky effect. We make sure to use very little product, the secret of a perfect smoky effect is the fading. We work with a fine brush with a round tip to stretch the line towards the temples and towards the top of the eyelid. With a clean blending brush, we go over his line always with the same gestures. We fade, we fade, we fade!

Using a flat brush, we apply a little ’concealer just below the end of the line to clean up any makeup scraps and add more definition.

We can stop there for a daytime look. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your make-up for an evening look, you can use a fairly light and glittery eyeshadow or else a highlighter. It is applied with a flat brush by tapping the eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, working up towards the eyebrow. Then iron to blend and blend the eyeliner line with the rest of the makeup. Add a touch of light to the inner corner of the eye, a touch of mascara and voila! All he needs to do is fill in his eyebrows as usual to frame and enhance the look.

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