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Article: Why use acupressure to relax eyes?

Why use acupressure to relax eyes?

Acupuncture, originated in traditional Chinese medicine, stimulates specific areas and parts of the face and body to relieve migraine and other diseases and bring relaxation and health.

Acupressure originated from traditional Chinese medicine and has been used for more than 2000 years. It is a method to activate the self-healing mechanism of the body and face. It can relieve pain and provide a healthy feeling. Like acupuncture, acupuncture stimulates the body by locating itself at certain meridians or "strategic" points in the lymph, blood and energy circulation.

Instinctively, when a part of the body aches, we know more or less where to press. For example, when you have a headache, you tend to massage your temples. "Sometimes you just need to listen to your body"Face yoga teacher Facebook yoga studio -Yes. Acupressure helps to relieve pain in the body, face and body A particularly tense area around the eyes day.

All the muscles of the face communicate and interweave. As a result, the muscles in the temples are connected to other muscles in the face, whether it's the forehead or the eyes. When they contract, it causes headaches. When you don't wear sunglasses or focus, your eye muscles contract, sometimes for a long time. This may seem harmless, but it can actually cause pain and tension in the temples and lead to migraines.

How to relax eyes through acupuncture?

Annia suggests covering this area with one, two or three fingers on the temple, depending on the shape and width of the face. Put your fingers in a small hole so you can make a small massage circle in one direction and then a small massage circle in the other direction. Self massage should last at least 20 to 50 seconds It's time to relax. The goal is to position yourself at the right time and place and stay in the treatment area long enough to relieve pain. Without pressing hard, you should feel some pressure on your fingers, and the massage should be kind.

There are several acupoints in the eye, including Yintang or threeThe third This is one of the most famous eyes. It allows for Stress and anxietyIt can calm the mind, improve attention, release emotions and relieve migraine. Stimulating this also helps Relax face and smooth wrinklesEspecially the lion's wrinkles. Yuyao also appears in the middle of the eyebrow, just above the pupil, acting on the eyebrow Swelling and redness of eyesWeak eyelids or dizziness or blurred vision. Zanzhou V2 is located at the beginning of the eyebrow, which can relieve eye pain, just like Zhu Gang or tr23 is located at the end of the eyebrow.

To stimulate these acupoints, we just need to use our fingers. The thumb is placed in the depression between the eyebrow arch and the eye, the same position as the eyebrow on the bone. We remain neutral on this point. After a few seconds, we have been moving in the middle of the eyebrow bone to stimulate Yuyao. Finally, press gently at the end of the eyebrow where the last point is for a few seconds.

To relieve all tension, you can relax your head and neck by placing your elbows on a table or on your knees when stimulating these different points.

Why does acupressure help the beauty of the face and the look?

Acupressure is a method that helps the beauty of the look and skin because it has even deeper effects than massages. This technique stimulates muscle fibres and nerves in order to boost collagen production to firm and smooth the skin but also to slow down the appearance of new wrinkles. Acupressure works at the level of circulation as well, the muscles are better irrigated and nourished. Cherry on the cake, this helps to remove stagnant lymph and therefore toxins. The skin of the face then benefits from this method, it is therefore more beautiful, more rested and more supple. The activation of collagen and micro-circulation smoothes wrinkles and slows their appearance, especially at the crow's feet or lion's wrinkle for a rejuvenated look. With all this, all that remains is to add a little bit of Mascara to be radiant!

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