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Article: Perfect eyebrows for your vacation: the advantages of permanent makeup

Perfect eyebrows for your vacation: the advantages of permanent makeup

Maintaining impeccable makeup in summer is no easy task. However, this is what permanent makeup guarantees thanks to its unique dermopigmentation technique which allows you to look sublime in all circumstances.

In the summer, putting on makeup can quickly become a complex task. Humidity of the skin and days at the beach or swimming pool are not conducive to maintaining perfect makeup in all situations. Fortunately, certain beauty techniques like permanent makeup can allow you to enjoy the pleasures of summer while remaining made-up and glowing all season long .

Why can keeping makeup fresh in summer be complicated?

In summer the temperature increases. As a result, our skin becomes more humid, which makes makeup adhere less well . Foundation tends to come off and our eyeliner tends to fade more quickly. The same goes for eyebrow makeup, eyebrow pencil, even waterproof, will have a hard time resisting heat and swimming if you want to enjoy a day at the beach or in the pool.
Fortunately, beauty techniques give you the opportunity to enjoy makeup that won't fade , no matter what temperatures it is or what activities you plan to do. Be confident in all circumstances with makeup that will stay intact all summer!

Permanent makeup: an innovative and promising beauty technique

Permanent makeup is attracting more and more women of all ages, who want to correct some of their small imperfections or simply put an end to daily beauty application, which sometimes takes a lot of time in the morning.

Permanent makeup: what does it consist of?

Permanent makeup is a beauty technique for dermopigmentation .
The beautician uses a needle to penetrate pigments into the superficial layers of the epidermis. This technique often requires touch-ups a few weeks after the first application, then regular maintenance depending on the dermopigmented area and your skin type.

What areas of your face can be covered with permanent makeup?

The eyebrows are certainly the area most popular with women for permanent makeup . Eye makeup such as eyeliner or permanent lip makeup are also ideal areas for applying permanent makeup with guaranteed results.

Where can you get permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup must be done in a beauty salon or eyebrow bar. Indeed, this technique requires perfectly sterilized professional equipment and impeccable hygiene of the premises. On the other hand, this method also requires specific know-how that only a professional beautician can be able to guarantee.

What are the benefits of permanent makeup in summer?

Permanent makeup offers many advantages during the summer period .

Always impeccable makeup in all circumstances

Even if precautions are necessary to protect dermopigmented areas from the sun, permanent makeup has the advantage of not running or fading in the heat of summer. It will remain intact even after a day's repeated swims at the beach. Be beautiful and show off a sublime eyebrow line on all occasions, even during your sports sessions or during your outdoor activities.

Correct your small imperfections in a lasting way

Permanent makeup allows you to correct some of your small flaws using a non-invasive and non-painful method. Thinning eyebrows, drooping eyelids, permanent makeup can be the alternative you need to restructure the lines of your face and intensify your look , while maintaining a natural look.

Reduce your cosmetic budget

While it is true that applying permanent makeup can be expensive, it is long-lasting with only a few touch-ups required per year . You will be able to save on your makeup budget, because you will no longer need to regularly buy as many eyebrow makeup products as before.

Allowing your skin to take a break

Using cosmetics daily can cause allergies. Dermopigmentation has the advantage of being only slightly allergenic and is generally very suitable for sensitive people. On the other hand, permanent makeup allows you to put less material on your skin, which is ideal for summer.

Makeup that is not permanent

Despite its name, permanent makeup is not permanent , as is the case with tattoos. The dermopigments inserted into the superficial layers of your skin will gradually be eliminated by your body. Permanent makeup is therefore not a definitive beauty technique. Without retouching, after one to three years, your makeup will have completely disappeared . On the other hand, in the event of an error or the desire to change your makeup style, modifications can be made to your makeup. This technique therefore remains flexible and modifiable over time .

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