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Article: How to maintain and protect your eyebrows from the sun in summer?

How to maintain and protect your eyebrows from the sun in summer?

Just like skin or hair, eyebrows are put to the test in summer. The sun's UV rays can alter the natural beauty of your eyebrows. Hence the importance of protecting them by adopting a suitable beauty routine.

In summer, temperatures rise and our exposure to UV rays becomes greater. This is why it is essential to protect your skin, but also your hair and eyebrows. Yes, these are often forgotten, but prolonged exposure to the sun can seriously alter the line of your brow bones. Discover easy tips to take good care of your eyebrows all summer long

Why is it important to protect your eyebrows from the sun?

The summer sun, coupled with swimming, sea salt and chlorine in swimming pools, are not the best allies for preserving the good health of your eyebrows. Indeed, summer aquatic pleasures are often responsible for the oxidation of your eyebrow hairs.
While your skin tans and produces more melanin when exposed to the sun, this is not the case for your hair or eyebrows, which cannot defend themselves against the sun's UV rays. This is why they oxidize and turn blond. But oxidation is not the only consequence caused by the sun. Indeed, repeated exposure to UV rays, without protection, dries your skin and can ultimately cause irritation of your epidermis. Which can subsequently lead to premature hair loss on your eyebrows and make them less thick and less full.

Tips for sublimated eyebrows in summer

Of course, properly performed eyebrow waxing will refine the line of your eyebrow arches. However, this is not enough. It is also essential to take extra steps to preserve the beauty of your eyebrows in summer

Use a hat

Protecting your face from the sun, whether with a cap or hat, will allow you to protect sensitive areas of your face. Very effective, this technique is ideal because it blocks all UV rays and at the same time protects your hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

Sun protection

Just like you put sunscreen on your skin, you can do the same with your eyebrows. Apply a little sunscreen directly to your eyebrows when out in the sun. This way, you will block the most dangerous UV rays and preserve the skin of your eyebrows, as well as your hair follicles. Please note that certain cosmetic products also contain anti-UV active ingredients.

Moisturize your skin

At least once a week, you can exfoliate your eyebrows . This will allow you to remove dead skin and other impurities present on the area of ​​your eyebrows. Gently massage your eyebrows in small circles and apply nourishing carrier oil, such as castor oil or coconut oil.

Permanent makeup

Another solution that can be very interesting in summer is permanent makeup . This dermopigmentation technique allows you to enjoy impeccable makeup with a 100% natural look all summer long, without the need to put on makeup. So, enjoy sublimated eyebrows all summer long, even at the beach or swimming pool.

Tips for preserving your permanent makeup during the summer

If you have been tempted by permanent makeup this summer, certain precautions should be taken to maintain beautiful eyebrow lines this summer.

Anticipate your appointment at the institute

You should know that after dermopigmentation ( microblading or microshading ), you will have to wait at least a week before being able to expose yourself to the sun or swim at the beach or in the swimming pool. It is therefore important to plan your appointment at the institute at least a week before going on vacation. As no oily substance should be applied during the week following the application of your permanent makeup, it is best to wear a hat if you go out in the sun.

Protect your eyebrows properly

After a week, you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of aquatic activities again. However, it is strongly recommended to protect the dermopigmented area with sunscreen . You can also apply petroleum jelly, but be careful while this component is relatively nourishing, it does not protect your skin as much as sunscreen.

Rinse after each bath

Sea salt or chlorine from swimming pools can also affect your permanent makeup. So remember to rinse your eyebrows with clean water after each swim, to prevent the skin on your eyebrows from becoming irritated and causing itching.

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