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Article: Pencil, gel, cream, which eyebrow product is right for me?

Pencil, gel, cream, which eyebrow product is right for me?

There are different types of eyebrow makeup products, including pencil, tinted gel, but also powder or felt. Which one best suits your needs? Reply !

For absolutely perfect eyebrows, the filling step is essential. Eyebrow makeup can be done with one or more products, from pencil to felt-tip pen through tinted gel. The choice of product depends on the needs of each person whether it is according to their eyebrows, their skin type or the desired look. Which brow makeup product is right for you? A quick overview of the different options!

The pencil

The pencil is one of the most popular eyebrow fillers. It allows you to display a pretty well-defined, natural-looking line, very soflty. It is particularly easy to use and can be used as a base for a powder.

The eyebrow pencil is recommended for those with asymmetry in their arch or sparse tails.

For beautiful, harmonious eyebrows, we arm ourselves with its Sublimabrow eyebrow pencil. We start to fill the line slightly after the beginning of the head of the eyebrow for a more natural effect. Small hatching is then carried out as if to imitate the real hairs. We remember that for the filling "less is more"thus, we keep a light hand when applying makeup.


The cream helps to give the eyebrows definition, of the shine but also a very sophisticated, almost dramatic side.

The eyebrow cream is recommended for those who have very sparse eyebrows and who wish to apply makeup quickly. Those who already have thick eyebrows can also use a cream to bring even more character and glamor to the eyes.

To apply our Perm-A-Line eyebrow cream, you simply use the beveled tip and wipe the back of your hand to remove the excess. We then draw small diagonal lines to imitate the hairs. We start in the center of the eyebrow for a softer makeup at the ends of the line. Brush with a small brush to blend and then let dry.

The tinted gel

Another very popular product is eyebrow tint gel. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain a harmonious line, well defined and with a perfect hold.

The tinted gel is therefore recommended for those in a hurry, for beginners but also for those who tend to have unruly eyebrows.

With the bottle brush our Browshape colored gel, we first brush the eyebrow in the opposite direction of the hairs to distribute the product well. We repeat the same gesture but this time from the head to the tail of the eyebrow and in the direction of the hairs. You can brush up slightly for more definition.

The felt

The eyebrow marker allows you to redraw, fill and intensify her line in no time, while offering a well-defined and sophisticated makeup. It can be used in addition to the powder for a natural arc.

It is particularly recommended for camouflaging small scars and for filling sparse areas. The felt is also the ally of oily skin but also for those who like the dramatic side of the eyebrows that we see a lot on Instagram.

The felt tip pen can be used much like a pencil. We draw small hatching from bottom to top to imitate the real hair. Once the product is dry, you can then add a hint of powder for even more definition.

The powder

The powder allows a softer effect and more diffuse than other brow products, this is the one that will be used to create an ombre line. The powder can be used in addition to pencil, wax or marker for even more defined eyebrows.

The powder is suitable for all types of eyebrows, it can fill any holes or sparse areas. It is recommended for the little oily but also when the weather is hot or humid. On the other hand, it is not the best choice for dry skin, which should favor a creamier texture.

Take a little powder with the help of an angled brush. We wipe the excess on the back of his hand and start filling his eyebrow from the middle to the head and then to the tail. We draw small lines at an angle. Finally, we blend in by brushing our eyebrows with a small clean brush.


The eyebrow wax allows you to redraw and fill your arch easily thanks to its modular texture. She tames rebellious little hairs, thickens eyebrows and maintains a flawless line all day long.

Eyebrow wax is the ideal product for anyone with unruly eyebrows who want to hold them in place or for those who dream of thickening their arches.

Apply the wax with a small angled brush and just draw the eyebrow. All that remains is to brush the eyebrow with a brush to remove the excess material.

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