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Article: Hibernation, should we give eyebrows a little breathing space?

Hibernation, should we give eyebrows a little breathing space?

What if you have to give up tweezers in order to have perfect eyebrows? With the new restrictions and the coming winter, "furry hibernation" will be a good idea to revitalize his eyebrows.

Tweezers are indispensable tools in eyebrow exploration On Fleet-Yes. If we like them now, we also want them to have a clear definition, without a small hair protruding. In order to keep the perfect line, tweezers never leave. However, Frequent hair removal is never an ideal choice for your eyebrows. As a result, a new trend is beginning to attract more and more women. It's "hairy hibernation," which means don't shave your eyebrows during the winter months. Compared with new technology, natural beauty technology is more and more popular. "Hairy hibernation" is particularly attractive because it doesn't require any effort. Let our eyebrows grow out, we give them a break. So our dear little hair will make us feel good. This breathing moment will give them a real chance promote-Yes. What's the result? They grow stronger, more beautiful and even thicker. It looks promising. But are we really going to give up months of hair removal?

Why use this winter to rest her eyebrows?

Social alienation has changed women's understanding of beauty. Over the years, there has been a trend to return to nature, but the covid-19 pandemic will only accelerate this phenomenon. During the control period, the use of sebum to rejuvenate hair is a major trend. More and more women get rid of social pressure by taking on white hair or giving up make-up. So why not accept the small regeneration of eyebrows to give them a new breath?

Winter is a good time to try to "brush hibernation" and get ready for the next spring and summer. "Winter is the best time of the year to rejuvenate eyebrows; we all know that beautiful summer eyebrows are made in winter, so in winter, cover the eyebrows and hide the tweezers to let them grow." Ligh Blackwell guarantees, London Blue companyIt's in a British magazine charm-Yes. After this interview, the world's most popular women were abandoned by "broom hibernation", a trend that seems to be steadily rising.

Letting her eyebrows grow doesn't mean ignoring them!

"Brush hibernation" advocates returning to nature. But if you let your eyebrows grow peacefully, it doesn't mean you don't need to take care of them.

Since Carla de ravenne stepped on the podium, thick eyebrows have become indispensable. Many celebrities have followed the movement, and now all beauticians are very careful about their eyebrows. Recently, Lily Collins' eyebrows are thick and clear Emily from ParisIt's exciting on social networks. So thick eyebrows are not a problem! However, this does not mean that our hair must be completely disordered or unrestrained.

Eyebrows and eyes are now the most important parts of the face because masks must be worn. So it's possible to let them grow, but continue to pamper them. We give them one High hydration By applying serum or even eyebrow mask. For those with sparse or thin eyebrows, if they dream of a thicker line, we recommend that you our Revitabrow eyebrow conditioner. It nourishes them, strengthens them, fights breakage and improves their flexibility and shine. They can also be fortified by applying castor oil. However, if this treatment is natural, it is essential to check whether the skin supports this vegetable oil.

Of course, you can continue to make up your eyebrows to give them definition with a pencil and a fixing gel to discipline them.

Why is over-depilation not a good thing ?

Too frequent hair removal can damage the skin and eyebrows. It is better to entrust your eyebrows to a professional. The beautician restructures and cleanses the eyebrows taking into account the shape of the client's face. Too intense or too frequent hair removal can change the shape, which would be a pity. In addition, over-epilation can cause more particularly indomitable regrowths, especially because of the risk of hair removal. Whether we intend to try "brow hibernation" or not, we wait at least four weeks between its go to the beautician. In the meantime, we let her eyebrows grow back quietly. Their shape will be preserved and they will only be more beautiful.

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