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Article: The split eyebrow, the trend of the 90s ready to come back up to date?

The split eyebrow, the trend of the 90s ready to come back up to date?

The split eyebrow was one of the big trends of the 1990s. Fallen into oblivion, this phenomenon seems to be rising from its ashes. Should we adopt it again or move on?

The shaved eyebrow or the split eyebrow is a particularly daring trend that became more popular in the 1980s and then, more widely in the 1990s. A bit rock and rebellious, the split eyebrow was also found in hip hop culture. This slit was believed to suggest a scar from a fight. So split eyebrow is for the tough guys! Over the years, the look has been associated with gang affiliation, but today it has no particular connotation. After the nineties, this phenomenon ran out of steam until it fell completely into oblivion. Who would have imagined that the trend would come back in force in 2020? No one ! And yet, the split eyebrow is regaining ground.

For several years now, a real wind of nostalgia has been blowing over fashion and make-up trends. The nineties keep coming back in force and seducing more and more followers. The biggest makeup trends from gloss to neon colors to blue eyeshadow are more in vogue than ever. From now on, it is the split eyebrow that tries to reclaim the beauty sphere. Can he really come back to the forefront? Should we adopt it?

The split eyebrow was mostly adopted by men in the 1990s. Now it is found in both men and women.

There are several ways to "split" your eyebrows. First of all, the single slit usually placed on the tail of the eyebrows. One of the precursors of the trend's comeback is actor Jason Momoa. The latter does have a cut on his eyebrow, it is a real scar. The actor was attacked with a glass of beer and left a mark on his injury. His great manhood, famous physique and badass side helped popularize this look among men. Some prefer to go for a style with two slits, a more daring look. For a more "natural" result, we take care to keep the same size cuts and evenly distanced. Other men even associate their hairstyle with their eyebrows by slightly extending the slit on their scalp whether it's single or double. There are also cross-shaped slits or an eyebrow split several times evenly.

In women, the split eyebrow can have a rebellious side, rock but also particularly elegant. It tends to draw attention to the eye and is a great way to emphasize the curvature of the eyebrow. She also suggests a badass personality! The character of Maze, played by Lesley-Ann Brandt in the hit series Lucifer, has a large cut on the eyebrow. The actress was sure to inspire many other young women to adopt a split eyebrow. As with men, there is also the double slit which accentuates the arch of the eyebrows and enhances the look. Some even go further with more than four eyebrow slits. Usually the slits are placed close to the arch at the tail, but a few people are even more daring by placing them close to the head of the eyebrow. Finally, we also find the "fishtail" eyebrow. The slit on the eyebrow creates a new tail for the eyebrow in the shape of… a fishtail.

How to make a slit on the eyebrow?

To create a slit on the eyebrow, you can use adhesive tape to delimit the slit and not to shave too much hair. Scissors are used to cut the hair in the slit before shaving it for a cleaner shave. Then just shave gently. We start with a small slit, even if it means adjusting the thickness to avoid unpleasant surprises. Hair grows back completely within two to six weeks after shaving. To keep its slit, it will therefore need to be maintained by shaving frequently.

Are there any other options besides shaving?

Shaving the eyebrows is not really recommended because there is a risk of cut, especially in this area around the eyes where the skin is very thin and fragile. In addition, some hairs may not grow back and this will create holes.

We can however bet on makeup, a more ephemeral but much safer option. Just cover the eyebrow with concealer and a little powder in the color of your skin tone. You start by brushing and filling your eyebrows as usual. Apply the concealer with a flat brush to the top and bottom of the eyebrows to blend the split. We then trace its slit on the eyebrow. Then, you can powder to better fix the product.

Be careful not to epilate the area where you want to place the slit. It is quite possible that the hairs will no longer grow back. This could change the shape of the eyebrows and create holes.

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