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Article: Minéclat Correcting Mine: instructions for use

Minéclat Correcting Mine: instructions for use

Like an eyebrow pencil or a setting gel, the highlighter pencil is an accessory that has become essential for perfecting eye makeup without too much effort. A stroke of the Minéclat Correcting Mine pencil placed on strategic areas and the eyes are instantly illuminated. Zoom in on an essential product in a make-up routine.

Why use a correction pencil?

Correct and illuminate the brow bone
Still little used on a daily basis by women, the corrective pencil has nevertheless become an essential tool for professional make-up artists. When applied below the brow bone, the Highlighter brings shine to shadows and instantly pep up tired eyes. In addition, this little touch of light on the rounded part of the eyebrow naturally enlarges the arch and corrects imperfections linked to hair regrowth.

Awaken the eyes by concealing dark circles
A few touches of the highlighter under the eyes and dark circles are camouflaged and the look awakened.
Thanks to its light-reflecting pigments, the Minéclat Correcting Mine also gently blurs the dull complexion around the eyes to remove signs of fatigue. A real ally for a healthy glow on a daily basis.

How to use the Minéclat Correcting Mine?

Choose the shade
A common mistake when choosing a shade is choosing a color that is much lighter than your natural skin tone, thinking that it will give more light. On the contrary, a color that is too pale on the epidermis will give a gray appearance. It is therefore recommended to choose a shade ½ tone lighter than its pigmentation.
The Minéclat Correcting Mine is available in two colors: Light Nude and Medium Nude.
● For white skin: opt for the Minéclat Correcting Mine in Light Nude.
● For medium to dark skin: prefer the Minéclat Correctrice Mine in Medium Nude.

Minéclat Correcting Mine application steps
To highlight your brow bone, a few simple gestures are enough with Minéclat Correcting Mine.

● Once your eyebrows are drawn, apply the pencil under the natural curve of your eyebrow in small strokes. Its jumbo format allows a clean and practical application.
● Then blend with your finger (or with a brush for a more precise finish). The pencil's matte texture is convenient to work with and blends easily into the skin.
● You can also apply the Minéclat Correcting Mine by drawing a triangle under the eyes that you will fill in as you go to hide dark circles. Then melt it with your finger.

Tip: For better definition of the brow bone, the pencil can also be used on top of the brow bone as if to frame the eyebrows.

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