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Article: Men: How to take care of your beard and eyebrows

Men: How to take care of your beard and eyebrows

The beard has been back in fashion for several years now. No more question of shaving, hair is more fashionable than ever! But how to take care of your beard and eyebrows on a daily basis? Discover all our advice!

Men also have every right to be flirtatious! If some time ago, the height of elegance was to be clean shaven, trends are constantly evolving. From now on, hair is in fashion! But be careful, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your beard and eyebrows. On the contrary, we like a full beard but above all a well-trimmed and even beard. For eyebrows, it's the same thing! We like them slightly defined but still natural and with their little masculine side. But how do you take care of your hair to look your best every day? L'Atelier du Sourcil gives you all its tips for a dream beard and eyebrows.

How to take care of your beard?

As with skin or hair, cleaning is the basis of a beautiful beard! For this, it is important to choose suitable products because very often, the texture of beard hair is very different from that of hair. There are shampoos specially designed for your beloved facial hair because classic shampoos are too abrasive, especially for the skin on your face which is also different from that of your scalp. Opt for gentle formulations to keep your skin soft and hydrated, while avoiding irritation. If your beard is full, it is important to clean it every day. If it is fine, once or twice a week will be more than enough.

After cleaning, the second step is to moisturize your beard well. It may be a good idea to apply special oil to your face and hair immediately after showering because at that time the pores are open. Thus, the product penetrates better, particularly up to the hair root for a hydrated, nourished and therefore healthy beard! Hydrated hair is stronger hair and will grow better. As a result, your beard will have fewer sparse areas and will be more even. In addition, this will prevent ingrown hairs and therefore pimples but also beard dandruff and itching. Finally, your beard will be shinier and above all much softer. You will have understood, the secret to a beautiful beard is hydration!

It's also important to brush your beard with a narrow-toothed comb to achieve a neat shape and reduce frizz. A disciplined beard is obviously a beautiful beard with healthy hair.

For a great beard, especially if it is full, it is important to go to the barber who will know perfectly how to cut it to enhance your face. We advise you to go there every two to four weeks. On the other hand, if you prefer three-day beard, it is wise to invest in an electric trimmer! That doesn't stop you from going to the barber from time to time for a little freshening up.

And to take care of it on a daily basis, L'Atelier du Sourcil has put together a special kit for you to take care of your beard and eyebrows.

How to maintain your eyebrows?

Eyebrow waxing is not just for women, quite the contrary! We are always delighted to welcome men to L'Atelier du Sourcil for restructuring and waxing for a perfect line that remains natural and masculine.

For successful hair removal, we start by removing the hairs that create a unibrow. We then take a pencil which we place vertically along the nose in order to identify where the eyebrow should begin and we pluck the hairs that protrude. We move the pencil towards the end of the eye. When it passes the pupil, that is the point where the arch should be. We continue to move the pencil when it is at the outer corner of the eye, this is the place where the eyebrow should end.

Brush your eyebrows upwards, trim any excess hairs and use tweezers to remove those that are not part of the established shape for a beautiful harmony. Be careful not to pluck too much, the eyebrow must remain masculine and natural.

For a first hair removal, it is best to go to one of our workshops where a technician will show you how to do it for optimal results. Afterwards, you will have our new kit that we have created just for you. Isn't life beautiful?

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