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Article: 7 simple gestures for a refreshed look

7 simple gestures for a refreshed look

After winter and with the arrival of fine weather, the entire body must regain vigor and vitality. And this is felt in the eyes and around the eyes. So, how to get rid of tired eyes and have a fresh and sparkling look ?

Bags and dark circles are nightmares for many of us. Sometimes bluish, sometimes grayish, or even brownish, they give a sad appearance and are little desired. They are most often due to poor blood circulation and disruption of lymphatic tissues. Visible mainly when you wake up, they sometimes do not disappear throughout the day. But fortunately, habits and actions can be adopted to reduce their appearance and relax the eyes. Discover here 7 tips to show off a lively and rested look now!

Rest for a look full of vitality

Bags and dark circles are signs of fatigue. It is therefore useless to hope to have a look full of vitality without sleeping well, that goes without saying, but it is better to say it. Nothing like a minimum of 7 hours of sleep or a good nap to properly recharge the batteries. During this rest period you can use a sleeping mask, very useful for a real and good restorative rest in complete darkness. Your face will gain luminosity and your eyes will be even more sparkling.

Make-up removal for a refreshed look

To fight against bags or dark circles, it is essential to go through the makeup removal box. Throughout the day, impurities accumulate on your face. Combined with makeup, they will clog pores, which will lead to poor blood circulation and a dull appearance of the skin and therefore of the eyes. So, in the evening, do not hesitate to remove all traces of makeup using a milk or a makeup remover lotion that you combine with a fresh, special “eye makeup remover jelly for a decongestant effect which also has virtues that stimulate the growth of the eyelashes.

Cleansing the skin for a sparkling look

After removing makeup, it is important to cleanse the face in order to remove all the impurities accumulated with pollution. So choose cleansing and moisturizing water to bring softness, suppleness and freshness to your skin. The pores will be able to breathe better, which will reduce the grayish tones of the skin. Combine this skin cleansing with a facial massage to improve blood circulation. Dark circles and bags will be less and less visible.

Hydration for a fresh look

Hydrating the skin is an essential element for looking fresh, sparkling and rested. The particularly sensitive area around the eyes needs special care. So provide your face with a sufficient quantity of water to enable it to better cope with external aggressions. But it is important to use specific products around the eyes to provide them with sufficient hydration and maintain a sparkling look. To be practiced at least once a day.

Concealer to hide bags and dark circles

It is a perfect ally for an express luminosity of the eyes. Concealer helps blur dark areas of the face and thus provides a luminous effect. Easy and quick to apply, it also has the advantage of being used in small quantities. But be careful, this product must be selected carefully and respect your skin tone, otherwise beware of the plaster effect or too much makeup which would ruin all your efforts. Without it, it can have a completely opposite effect and obscure your look. Our Minespace corrective concealer is perfect for a quick, effective and completely natural beauty look. Available in three shades, it can be used at any time of the day.

Eyelash extensions to widen the look

Eyelash extensions are one of the essential methods for making your eyes look bigger. It consists of applying artificial eyelashes to natural eyelashes. Just like hair extensions, the length of the eyelashes applied is greater than the original one. Longer and much fuller, eyelash extensions will enhance your look in just a few minutes. This service can be carried out by a professional, or, for the more experienced, at home with false eyelashes sold in packs and easy to use.

Correctly plucked eyebrows for a healthy glow

Well-shaped eyebrows are also an essential element for enlarging and perfecting a look. It is therefore essential to carefully work on the curvature of your eyebrows for an immediate healthy glow. For this, it is very important to call on a team of professionals who will know how to determine the shape of eyebrows that goes perfectly with your face. After that, you will need to maintain your eyebrows using special tweezers, an eyebrow pencil or even a colored gel. If some people have difficulty growing them back following excessive hair removal, know that there are products such as RevitaBrow to treat them and thus try to regain your former shape.

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