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Article: How to take care of your eyelashes and make them grow?

How to take care of your eyelashes and make them grow?

Eyelashes are a very important element of the face, too often neglected during treatments. In addition to their role as a protective barrier for the eyes, they help prolong and intensify the look. Their role is therefore essential both functionally and aesthetically. This is why it is important to adopt the right actions and products to guarantee good health.

What could be more enviable than curled, voluminous and full eyelashes. If their main role is of course to block the entry of foreign bodies (dust, sweat, etc.) into our eyes, their aesthetic role which is to enlarge, prolong and bring intensity to the look remains fundamental. It is therefore very important to adopt the right products to take care of them and guarantee them excellent health.

Discover, below, 5 tips for having beautiful, long and healthy eyelashes for breathtaking doe eyes!

Applying castor oil for lengthened eyelashes

If castor oil relieves joint pain or insomnia, it is also known for the benefits it brings to the skin, hair and nails. It can also be one of your main allies for the health of your eyelashes and eyebrows as well. Rich in fatty acids, more precisely in omega 9, castor oil has moisturizing, protective and anti-fall properties, which allows eyelashes to gain density.

To select a quality oil, you must ensure that it comes from organic farming. It is also necessary to favor a natural extraction method with cold pressing so that it retains all of its properties. To apply it, simply use a cotton swab or eyebrow brush soaked in a small amount of castor oil, then sweep your tool across the lashes in the direction of growth. Be careful not to get it in your eye, so a drop or two is more than enough for application. You can also, more simply, use the Ricigel treatment from L'Atelier du Sourcil.

Eye massage for better impregnation

After carefully applying your treatment oil or eyelash serum , massage the eyelids. This gesture allows for better application of treatments, but also optimizes blood circulation which will then stimulate the growth of your eyelashes. Warning: your hands must be washed beforehand so that no bacteria enters your eyes, to avoid any risk of infection.

Eyelash protection for a doe look

Just like the skin, eyelashes need to be protected before applying makeup. It is therefore essential to apply a base so that they do not get damaged under layers of mascara. In addition to the protective effect, most eyelash primers have many other benefits. Indeed, they strengthen, stimulate the growth and hydration of eyelashes and also have a certain aesthetic role. This is because the base helps the mascara adhere to the hairs and combats the cardboard appearance of certain products which can damage them. Its simple application is identical to that of mascara: with a small brush, you apply the product in the direction of growth. A single pass is enough! Please note, your eyelashes must be dry before applying mascara.

Remove your eyelashes properly to have a fresh look

Mascara is one of the main allies for voluminous and full eyelashes , but can easily become an enemy when removing makeup. If done incorrectly, makeup removal can leave your eyelashes vulnerable and brittle. In most cases, some prefer to use a cotton pad or a makeup remover wipe and use sharp movements from left to right to remove all of the product. But this action weakens your eyelashes, and can contribute to their loss. It is rather recommended to do it gently. To do this, you must soak a clean cotton pad with a makeup remover or a fatty substance such as an oil and let the product dilute the mascara for several seconds. Then, you must make a back and forth movement starting from the root and going to the tips of the eyelashes without ever pulling on them. We recommend IOMA's fresh eye makeup remover jelly, plus it contains active ingredients that stimulate eyelash regrowth. Smoldering look guaranteed!

Don't overuse makeup and let your eyes breathe

Just like the skin, it is important to let your eyelashes breathe so that they can regenerate properly. Even if your mascara is quality, don't hesitate to put it aside from time to time to allow your eyelashes to grow without any discomfort. A makeup detox will do them the greatest good. During this resting phase, not only will your eyelashes be able to breathe, but they will be less disturbed by daily actions which can prove aggressive in the long term, such as brushing or rubbing too hard when removing makeup. But don't hesitate to nourish and hydrate them with an oil rich in fatty acids such as castor oil, coconut oil or even a specific treatment such as Revitalash . Your eyes will only be able to thank you for it. And, to you the look of a doe, of embers, of madness!

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