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Article: Pencil, fixing gel, marker, coloring… what products should you use on your eyebrows?

Pencil, fixing gel, marker, coloring… what products should you use on your eyebrows?

For some time now, thick and impeccably defined eyebrows have been fashionable. Yes, their role is very important in the expression of the gaze. We must therefore not neglect this part of the face. To do this, we offer you below a range of products that will allow even the most novice to draw them as best as possible. So, to find out which solution to choose in your daily routine, click here. We tell you everything!

The pencil to reshape the eyebrows

The eyebrow pencil is one of the most popular makeup products. It is one of the best known on the market. Perfect for makeup novices, it is extremely easy to use. It allows you to redraw the natural line of the eyebrows when it is too thin, or to fill in gaps when they are sparse. But be careful with its appearance, it must not be too oily, otherwise it risks not lasting over time and sinking, choose a dry complexion.

There are two types of pencils: thin lead and thick lead. With the fine lead pencil, you can perfectly work on structuring the curve of the eyebrows and also create an illusion of false hairs to fill in the gaps. As for the thick lead pencil, easier and quicker to use, it helps to flesh out the already existing eyebrow line and gives an interesting volume effect.

But be careful, the eyebrow pencil remains a makeup product. So, be careful to choose it carefully because an unexpected pass on this area of ​​the face can erase the work done to perfect your eyebrows.

The eyebrow pen for sparse eyebrows

The use of the eyebrow pen is identical to that of the pencil but its use is slightly different because the eyebrow pen is made up of several fine small rods, the equivalent of the pencil lead. It then allows, in a single pass, to fill the holes where the hairs are missing, and reproduces the effect of microblading, hair-to-hair permanent makeup. It thus brings greater density to the eyes and its durability over time is perfect. This is thanks to its liquid ink, which generally dries quickly. Be careful, you must use it delicately or you risk damaging the fragile stems.

Eyebrow fixing gel to intensify the look

Eyebrow fixing gel most often comes in the same form as a transparent or colored mascara. It's the perfect accessory for people with thick, bushy or unruly eyebrows. With its brush, it allows you to quickly apply a thin layer of gel to discipline and sculpt your eyebrow hairs and fix them for perfect hold and look for the day. Its easy-to-use applicator helps distribute the product evenly. If it is colored, it adds substance to the finest or sparse areas. You will therefore be able to maintain the natural effect of the initial shape of your eyebrows.

Coloring for full eyebrows

With the passage of time or even because of the sun, the hairs can lose their color and be less and less visible. If you don't have naturally full eyebrows, coloring can be a good way to solve what is a problem for some. Also perfect for sporty people, it is important to know that the latter only colors the hair, and therefore not the skin. Its durability obviously depends on the maintenance provided but, on average, the coloring can last up to a month.

Henna for structured eyebrows

Henna is one of the latest trends for top eyebrows. Used for years to color or strengthen hair, this plant-based dye now allows you to color the skin and eyebrow hair from its first use. It helps to reshape the eyebrows by amplifying or emphasizing its natural line. Henna can also be a good alternative to micropigmentation. Indeed, this tint allows hesitant people to get a taste of what permanent makeup will look like. In addition, its lifespan can appeal to those who are short on time: almost two weeks on the skin and six weeks on the eyebrows. In addition to its coloring effect, henna is also a good treatment for eyebrows. It strengthens and thickens them, which is perfect for people with sparse eyebrows.

But whatever products are used, special attention should be paid to the color of the henna or dye that will be applied to your eyebrows. It must be adapted to your natural skin tone and come as close as possible to the color of your hair.

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