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Article: Eyelash extension, everything you need to know before getting started

Eyelash extension, everything you need to know before getting started

Do you dream of long, voluminous eyelashes from the moment you open your eyes when you wake up until the evening? Eyelash extensions are for you. What should you know before making an appointment with your favorite technician? We tell you everything!

A beautiful, ultra-glamorous fringe of eyelashes that lasts from morning until night without the need for a bit of mascara, what do you think? Just thinking about it makes you dream! What if we told you that this dream could come true? Of course it's possible, simply thanks to eyelash extensions . This technique provides an even more stunning result than with mascara, regardless of the thickness and length of your natural eyelashes. Once the extensions are applied, your lash fringe will be thick and curled to perfection.

There are two different techniques:

  • Lash to eyelash to add length and intensity to the look using synthetic material extensions on a natural eyelash. For a natural application, there is 1 extension for every 3 natural eyelashes. For a refined application, place 1 extension every 2 natural eyelashes. And finally for a sophisticated application, place 1 eyelash extension on all natural eyelashes except weakened and small eyelashes.
  • Russian volume to add volume and intensity through the application of bouquets composed of very fine to extra-fine eyelash extensions. These bouquets are first made by hand before being placed one by one on the natural eyelashes. Here again, you can choose between two types of poses. The refined application where the technician will place 1 bouquet for every 2 natural eyelashes and the sophisticated installation which consists of placing 1 bouquet for all natural eyelashes except weakened and small eyelashes.

 What precautions should you take before your appointment?

If you want a perfect and, above all, personalized result, it may be interesting to seek advice from a technician before getting started. We are all different and therefore, our eyes and our eyelashes are too! Depending on the shape of the eyes, the length of the eyelashes and even the lifestyle, the style of extensions may vary. A professional will know exactly what will suit you best. She will also know how to perfectly blend the different lengths of eyelashes for the most natural result.

When you go to an institute to get eyelash extensions done, remember not to put makeup on your eyes. Say goodbye to mascara! Do not curl your eyelashes either because this will create a crease right next to the roots which may make it difficult to apply the extensions. Also avoid any creamy or oily product as the glue may adhere poorly and the result will not be as expected.

We also recommend that you do not use waterproof makeup for at least a week before your appointment. This type of make-up leaves an invisible film on the eyelashes, which can complicate application because the glue will adhere less well.

As with dyes or microblading, water does not go well with eyelash extensions! So, it is best not to wet the eye area for at least 24 hours after application so that the glue can dry completely.

Do you have a strange feeling after installing your extensions? Rest assured, this is completely normal! It takes at least a day or two to get used to the sensation but usually becomes comfortable very quickly.

How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions?

Applying eyelash extensions takes time, between one and two hours. This is precision work! During a touch-up, the technician must remove the old extensions, clean your eyelashes then apply the new ones. It requires a little patience but the result is worth it!

Should we change our skincare routine?

Oil is the bane of glue! So, it is advisable to avoid oily products at least on the area around the eyes as the extensions might last less. If you wear makeup, use micellar water.

It is important to gently comb your eyelashes to separate them properly. A few seconds and your look will be enhanced!

Can you wear makeup with eyelash extensions?

The answer is obviously yes, but be careful with certain products. It is best not to use mascara. Your eyelashes are already voluminous, long and curled. Shimmery eye shadow and glitter can build up at the roots and damage the extensions.

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