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Article: Summer is coming soon, the beach: the right actions for a perfect look

Summer is coming soon, the beach: the right actions for a perfect look

Summer is upon us! The days are getting longer, the sun is out and the temperatures are more and more pleasant. To cool off, there's nothing better than a dip in the pool or the sea. But how can you keep your eyes looking perfect during this time? Discover all our advice!

The summer season is fast approaching and with it, vacations, days by the pool or the sea. If we love this period, it can represent a real challenge for our eyes! With heat or in contact with water, makeup tends to not hold and/or to flow. While this is far from spoiling the pleasure of being in summer, we would prefer to display fleek eyebrows and doe eyes even at the beach. What if we told you it was possible? Naiads coming out of the water with absolutely perfect looks aren't just in the movies. It could be you too! Here are all our tips and tricks for a look that continues to be captivating.

Top-notch eyebrows

For a stunning line, we advise you first of all to plan a restructuring of the eyebrows to have a good base. Filling your bow will then be even simpler. For beautiful makeup in summer, you need to think about simplicity and lightness. “ Less is more” is more relevant than ever. All you need is your Browshape colored gel to discipline and color your eyebrows in a single gesture. Start by brushing your line upwards using a clean bottle brush then apply your colored gel by also brushing upwards then again but diagonally.

For those who prefer to avoid thinking about makeup during the summer and vacations, eyebrow tinting is the best option! This service allows you to redefine but also intensify your arch in no time! Eyebrow tinting lasts around three weeks for a sublime look without the need to go through the filling stage. Imagine the time saved in the morning. When you wake up, all you have to do is put on your swimsuit and head to the beach. It's rather dreamy, isn't it?

Be careful, however, not to use aggressive products in the eye area after eyebrow tinting. Forget alcohol-based cosmetics and remove makeup gently, avoiding rubbing at the risk of damaging your dye or worse... your eyebrows!

If you opt for tinting, don't need to color your brows or prefer an even more natural result, simply replace the colored gel with our Browshape Clear Setting Gel . Your line will remain intact from morning until evening.

Doe eyes even in summer

Do you love days at the beach or pool but dread runny makeup and panda eyes? Do not panic ! This year, you will look your best.

For this, we simply recommend our Rehaucils service , i.e. eyelash enhancement. This technique does not consist of curling the eyelashes but rather of lifting them to give them length! The good news ? Your lash line will be absolutely perfect for approximately 6 weeks.

It's then up to you to choose if you want to keep your eyelashes natural or if you prefer to put on a little mascara to further intensify your look. We do not recommend waterproof makeup every day. There are setting mascaras to use only when you need them over your regular mascara. Don't have such a product on hand? Consider the setting spray to spray all over your face which will not only give you a breathtaking look but also a perfect complexion.

It is even possible to opt for semi-permanent mascara. This service is different from eyelash tinting. In fact, semi-permanent mascara does not color the eyelashes, it adds substance which immediately gives much more volume for a top-notch look. Semi-permanent mascara lasts approximately 2 weeks.

You can also opt for eyelash tinting for an even more natural effect. As its name suggests, this method colors the eyelashes in order to intensify them. The result lasts around 3 weeks, enough to go on vacation with a light mind and without your makeup bag.

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