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Article: Eyebrow Waxing: Which shape is most flattering for your face?

Eyebrow Waxing: Which shape is most flattering for your face?

Eyebrows are subject to trends, they are destined to change shape over the years. While it's normal to want to flaunt a fashionable arch, some shapes are more flattering than others for your face. Which one is yours? We tell you everything!

Thin eyebrows reigned supreme for a long time before they thickened and became particularly dramatic. From now on, our lines are always thick and full but remain as natural as possible, notably with the trends of “virgin brows” or “boy brows”. Our eyebrows evolve over time following trends. However, some beautify us more than others. As you know, eyebrows have the power to harmonize the face and frame the look. They can make us look sad, happy, skeptical, etc. It is therefore important not to neglect them and above all to find THE shape that perfectly matches your face in order to reveal its full potential. What's yours ? Here are all our tips for finding the right eyebrow shape to enhance your face.

Thick and fluffy eyebrows

Fluffy eyebrows are thick and defined eyebrows that want to appear natural or even a little wild. This shape is perfect for heart-shaped faces, with a forehead wider than the jaws and a pointed chin. They will also be suitable for diamond and oval faces. Since the forehead is wider, the eyebrows can be thick and a little “bushy”. The line remains natural, full but with a slight arc for more softness.

For beautiful, fluffy brows, simply fill in any sparse areas with a little pencil in the color of your hair and brush them using our Browshape Clear Setting Gel . 

 Tapered eyebrows

Tapered eyebrows are thicker in the first two thirds, that is, from head to arch, and thinner from arch to tail. This shape is ideal for enhancing square, round, heart-shaped or diamond-shaped faces. It’s a shape that suits the majority of people!

To obtain tapered eyebrows, do not venture into a homemade restructuring of your line. You can clean up your eyebrows and simply taper them using a little concealer to hide the hairs around the tail of your arch. The best thing is to go to one of our workshops to entrust your eyebrows to one of our technicians for perfect restructuring.

Straight eyebrows

The series The Bridgertons Chronicles caused a lot of talk at the start of the year, as did the eyebrows of its heroine Daphne Bridgerton, played by actress Phoebe Dynevor. The latter sports straight eyebrows which fascinated viewers. This shape is ideal for people with long faces to provide a certain horizontality to balance the features.

Where the eyebrows are arched downward, the hair will need to be plucked below the eyebrows while the line above will need to be thickened to give the straight effect . At the level of the arch, the hairs will have to be removed at the top while some will be added below to fill in the gap. It is possible to carry out the same operation not using tweezers but using concealer to rebalance the hair line.

Rounded eyebrows

Who said eyebrows have to be arched? For angular, square or rectangle faces, rounded eyebrows will be very flattering. If your forehead is quite broad with a well-defined jawline, opt for a rounded line to bring softness to the face.

Well arched eyebrows

To find balance, it is important to counterbalance facial features with the shape of your eyebrows. So, if a rounded shape suits an angular face, it is a well-arched shape that will be ideal for a round face! Placing the arch closer to your nose will refine your features. In addition, if your face is very round, avoid eyebrows that are too thick as they risk disrupting the harmony.

 Brushed eyebrows

Brushed eyebrows, also called “soap brows”, are also very trendy at the moment. They are close to fluffy eyebrows but more defined. They have a natural and light appearance! This type of eyebrows looks good on all face types, especially heart or diamond shaped faces.

To sport a brushed line, simply fill in sparse areas using a pencil and brush upwards with its transparent setting gel. We brush, we brush and we brush until we give the impression of thicker, harmonious and defined eyebrows.

Be careful, soap is not good for your dear little furs. We prefer a gel formulated specifically for eyebrows. L'Atelier du Sourcil will soon be offering a straightening gel!

Long eyebrows

Long eyebrows are very elongated eyebrows from the arch to the tail, which is very suitable for a long face to provide more horizontality. Simply lengthen the end of the eyebrows using a pencil, making small hatching marks to balance your features. Who knew it was so easy to enhance your face?

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