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Article: What is “cloud skin”, the trend that will make noise this spring?

What is “cloud skin”, the trend that will make noise this spring?

Lightness and softness are more than ever available this spring with the “ cloud skin ”. But what is this trend with a very poetic name?

Spring is synonymous with light, so glowy skin is a real must-have this season. However, trends around radiant complexions vary frequently; we have recently seen the emergence of " glass skin ", " buttery skin " and even " dolphin skin ". Now forgotten, they are giving way to a brand new trend with a very poetic name, “cloud skin” .

It was invented by Dominic Skinner and is directly inspired by… clouds of course! Or rather by the representation of the sun which lets its rays pass through the clouds. But that's not all, the trend is closely linked to the craze for cosmetic products with a "cloud" appearance which resemble whipped creams and provide lightness and softness to the face and even the body.

The cloud skin brings even more dimension than other trends that have emerged recently. It combines a strategic blend of skincare and makeup to achieve a glow to illuminate the face as well as a dewy look. To do this, the secret is to mix several textures of the different cosmetic products used. We rely on formulas that are gentle, simple and above all light as air for a true sensory experience and a moment of well-being to ensure radiant, healthy skin. But how do you get a cloud skin ?

Prepare your skin

Hydration is the key step for beautiful skin because it restores the skin barrier, which protects it from external aggressions and prevents the water contained in the epidermis from evaporating, which would make the complexion dull. In addition, it also allows makeup to blend better into the epidermis and last longer.

After cleansing your face using a gentle gel, you first apply a serum then a layer of vegetable oil and/or a moisturizing cream . The skin will then be wet and perfectly hydrated, it will be ready to sparkle but also to receive makeup.

Apply foundation and powder

To even out the complexion, apply a foundation that you choose with the lightest possible texture and a luminous, pearly finish. Foam products, with an airy texture , are perfect for the cloud skin trend. You can use your fingers for a natural effect or a brush for a more covering effect.

It's time to use powder to give a hazy finish to the face ! In order to create a dimensional look, we do not apply it everywhere but rather in strategic places. Dab the powder on the crease, a little on the forehead, on the nose but also on the chin. The wet and hydrated effect is blurred on these areas so that the skin presents different textures.

It is possible to give a creamier effect to the face by using concealer on top of the powder by applying it with a sponge. We sprinkle the concealer again with a little powder and that's it!

Illuminate with highlighter

We could stop at foundation and powder but remember that cloud skin aims to imitate sunlight passing through clouds. So, highlighter is our best friend! To give a real glow to the face, we apply it on our cheeks, above our eyes, under the eyebrow arch but also a little on the lips which we will have previously well hydrated with a balm as well as on Cupid's bow for a smile to die for. We apply as much as is necessary, that is to say sparingly because the watchword is always “lightness”. The makeup is worked but must appear as natural as possible!

If you want to add a little more color to your face, it is possible to apply blush to the cheekbones instead. It is even possible to replace the highlighter with blush to give a rosy look to the face. You can also choose a glittery blush to combine the two for an even more angelic glow on your face!

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