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Article: What are the benefits of massage on the eyes?

What are the benefits of massage on the eyes?

There are many solutions to achieve a fresh, luminous and youthful look without makeup. The least expensive method which offers the most results remains the massage of the eye area. To reduce puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, and all other elements that can give the impression of a bad appearance, certain gestures and habits should be adopted.

With age, the skin on our face can become marked and lose tone. And this can also be due to eating habits, temperature variations, fatigue or even the use of unsuitable products. As a result, wrinkles may deepen and facial features may appear more drawn. But rest assured, nothing is irremediable. If there are different treatments to reduce these undesirable effects, the eye contour massage is a real ally in finding a fresh and sparkling look without spending a single cent. The only essential instrument: our hands! Discover below 3 benefits of massage on the eyes and how to achieve them to optimize results as quickly as possible.

1- Massage to reduce dark circles

Dark circles are a variation in skin color located just below the eye. They are a sign of poor blood circulation and poor oxygen supply. Generally speaking, massage is very important to stimulate and reactivate blood circulation and release toxins. The eye contour being a particularly sensitive area, the massage will strengthen the blood capillaries to prevent them from cracking. Indeed, it is thanks to the cracking of the capillaries that the blood spreads and then forms a dark spot under the eyes, hence the appearance of bluish or purplish circles. You should preferably perform your massage with a cream for the eye area . You will place a small quantity in the hollow of the dark circles before gently tapping this area with the index and middle fingers. This action will release stagnant blood under the eye and quickly discolor your skin. Your eyes will be fresh and sparkling!

2 - Massage to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes

The appearance of bags under the eyes may be one of the observed effects of aging, in both women and men. Over time, fat, which is normally located in the upper eyelids , slides below the eye due to gravity, but also to sagging of the skin, which leads to the appearance of bags. These generally occur from the age of 30 onwards. They can easily be reduced thanks to good actions, which must be anchored in your habits. For this, it is recommended to apply specific treatment to the eye area while carrying out the massage. You will therefore need to gently rub the bags from the outside towards the inside of the eye. This gesture will help revive the lymphatic system and activate the drainage of water present in the tissues. Enough to bring a healthy glow to the eyes thanks to its decongestant effect. A radiant, youthful look thanks to a few daily movements is indeed possible!

3 - Eye massage to reduce wrinkles

With age and expressions, facial muscles become less and less elastic and shorten. The skin also loses elasticity, and this is when wrinkles make their first appearance. Among the most visible are those of the crow's feet, located at the outer ends of the eyes. A short massage session on the muscles of your face is enough to smooth or even fill them. To do this, hold the temple with the fingers of one hand, then with the middle and ring fingers of your other hand, you must perform repetitive smoothing movements along the wrinkles. Unlike the pockets, the work will have to be done, this time, from the inside out. Repeat this gesture several times a week and your eyes will regain their youthfulness very quickly!

4 - The little extras of massage

Performed at the same time as a treatment, the massage contributes to the correct application of the product. This optimizes its efficiency. These actions, added to a good care routine for your eye area , will quickly erase the marks of time, stress and fatigue on your face. This massage is done by hand, or using specific utensils such as eye massagers, or a Gua Sha (a stone spatula used in Chinese medicine). Little tip: before use, put it in the fridge, because the coolness of the spatula will have an almost immediate decongestant effect on your eye area. Say goodbye to a tired look and hello to eyes sparkling with youth, vitality and health!

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