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Article: 7 solutions to have fuller eyebrows?

7 solutions to have fuller eyebrows?

Each era has its own trend. We all remember the fashion for thin, arched eyebrows from the early 2000s which encouraged us to pluck them as soon as a little hair appeared . Hair removal is so repetitive that many of us now have thin, sparse eyebrows that have difficulty growing back. Which prevents us from having them more provided as the times require.

Thick eyebrows have now become trendy. Unfortunately, not all of us were lucky enough to inherit full eyebrows from birth . And some of us have tortured them too much by giving in to the fashion for thin eyebrows. An error which forces us to realize that it is not easy to rediscover the density and shape of our beautiful years because, by dint of having been extirpated from their hair follicle, certain hairs end up completely disappearing .

Fortunately, whatever your situation, know that there are tips for thickening and growing back your eyebrows . To do this, one rule remains universal: you will need to show a lot of patience.

Discover below 7 solutions to have fuller eyebrows.

Leave your tweezers behind

For those who are used to it, know that to have thicker eyebrows, you will have to temporarily abandon your tweezers . You have to admit, it may seem difficult, even very difficult. But the game is worth it because this renunciation will allow your hair follicles to rebuild themselves better.

Exfoliate your eyebrows twice a week

We often forget it, but eyebrows also need to be exfoliated . By exfoliating your face twice a week, you will eliminate dead cells, reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and promote blood circulation . Your skin will only be able to breathe better. This will stimulate hair regrowth.

Massage your eyebrows regularly

You will then need to massage your eyebrows every day in the direction of hair growth . This gesture will promote blood circulation, stimulate the bulb, help with its regeneration and hair regrowth and increase your chances of having fuller eyebrows.

This massage will therefore allow your eyebrows to gain thickness, shine and vitality. Do it preferably using an oil rich in proteins with moisturizing, protective and anti-hair loss properties, such as castor, coconut or olive oil.

Use a treatment to promote hair growth

In addition to applying an oil combined with massaging your eyebrows, it is important to use products specific to hair health and strengthening . Among the most popular on the market is RevitaBrow eyebrows . This treatment created by a specialist in aesthetic medicine promises densification of the eyebrows after approximately 8 weeks of use.

Its use is simple. Simply apply it once a day, preferably in the evening, and follow the following steps:

  • Remove your eyebrows,
  • Remove any source of fatty substances, such as moisturizer or oil,
  • Apply Revitabrow eyebrows in small layers on your eyebrows,
  • Let the product dry completely and go about your business

Take care of your diet

It's no secret that a good diet is essential to ensure good health , reduce the risk of hair loss and promote hair growth. A good supply of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proteins to the body is therefore essential to avoid deficiencies. This will then allow you to have a beautiful eyebrow shape .

If your diet does not contain enough vitamins, your doctor can always prescribe a range of dietary supplements to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible .

Microneedling, one of the latest trends for hair regrowth

This is one of the latest popular trends for eyebrow regrowth : microneedling. This technique consists of injecting a cocktail of reboosting products directly into the hair bulb. All using fine needles . Carried out by a professional, this service is generally painless. It stimulates the renewal of the hair follicle and we can see lasting hair regrowth as well as an extension of its lifespan. Say goodbye to sparse eyebrows! Hello full eyebrows! But be careful, a single session is rarely enough to achieve satisfactory results.

Makeup, a solution while waiting for hair to grow back

We grant you, it will undoubtedly be difficult not to touch your tweezers while your eyebrows grow back. But to meet this need, you can use an eyebrow pencil to fill in visible holes or intensify your natural line.

Finally, to hide the appearance of new hairs, you can use a concealer on the regrowth. But there is one essential point to know: choose it in a half-tone lighter than your skin tone.

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