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Article: Lilac eyeshadow, 5 ways to adopt spring's biggest trend

Lilac eyeshadow, 5 ways to adopt spring's biggest trend

Do you want to add a little freshness to your make-up? Opt for lilac eyeshadow! It's the biggest makeup trend of spring. This pretty pastel color brings pep to our eyes and our face, all in delicacy.

The lilacs bloom little by little, they color and perfume the gardens and even the streets when the first sunny days arrive. This pretty flower is particularly inspiring and this spring, it influences our clothing choices but also makeup! While pastel colors are ultra trendy this season, it is lilac that stands out as the essential shade to adopt now. If we find it absolutely everywhere, eyeshadow is one of the best options for trying out the trend. Lilac not only illuminates the eyes but also the entire face, bringing freshness to make-up. But how to wear it to be at the top of the best? Here are all our tips!

In a simple look

As you know, “less is more” has never been more relevant with trends such as skinimalism or even cloud skin which advocate naturalness and simplicity. To adopt the lilac trend, simply apply eyeshadow all over your upper eyelid to immediately add a little fun to your makeup. You can also just add a little touch of light to the inner corner of the eye by applying a little lilac eye shadow with your finger in place of the highlighter. The result will be both subtle and trendy. Don't forget to put a primer on the eyelid before applying shadow to smooth the skin and help the pigments adhere better. All you need to do is apply mascara to intensify your look.

In smokey eye

The smoky effect is also very trendy this spring! The smokey eye offers a very chic and sophisticated look that we love. It allows you to play with contrasts. For a successful result, choose at least three colors: lilac, a lighter color and a stronger shade. Apply the darkest shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid and blend well along the contours. We use the lightest color at the inner corner of the eye while lilac is the transition color and will therefore be in the middle of the eyelid.

Combine with other colors

In the summer, we love color! If lilac is enough on its own, combining it with other shades is a very good idea to add dimension to the look. It can be combined with spring shades like sugar pink but also baby blue, mint green or even lemon yellow. These colors will highlight the lilac and provide an unexpected side to the makeup. Contrasts are always welcome, especially with the 1980s trend making a comeback. If you like bold make-up, don't forget to wear lilac with strong shades like orange, fuchsia or even turquoise!

With one, two or three strokes of eyeliner

As with eyeshadow, eyeliner is an easy way to embrace the lilac trend. Simply draw a line of colored eyeliner to bring a much more fashionable side to your makeup. But you can also let yourself be tempted by the graphic eyeliner trend by trying floating liner with double or even triple liner by combining lilac with other colors. Create shapes, have fun drawing clouds, arrows or stars on your eyelids. The goal is for it to be surprising!

In total look

If you like lilac, why stop only at the eyelids? This color is so fashionable that we find it everywhere and even on our blushes and lipsticks. The total look is definitely in ! Apply your blush to your cheekbones, going up towards the temples and extending over the eyelids for a very eighties look. You can even go so far as to enhance your smile with lilac lipstick! But the must this season is to match your eyelids to your nails. So, go for a lilac manicure. You can even go for pretty nail art, another trend that is coming back to the forefront. If you feel like it, you can also match the rest of your look by matching your clothes and your eyelids. You will have understood, to be at the top this season, see life in lilac!

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