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Article: How to choose your glasses based on the shape of your eyebrows?

How to choose your glasses based on the shape of your eyebrows?

When choosing your pair of glasses, you most often rely on the shape of your face. And yet, it seems that the most important thing to take into account is actually your eyebrow line! But then how does it work?

The importance of eyebrows no longer needs to be proven! They frame the look and give it its intensity. They are capable of making us look sad, surprised or severe. The shape of our line can also rejuvenate us and above all, it harmonizes facial features. This is why filling and shaping eyebrows is essential when applying makeup.

When you wear glasses, taking care of your arch is even more important! When choosing the frame, we tend to take into account the shape of our face. Square frames will suit a round face, butterfly frames will be ideal for a heart-shaped face while round glasses will be perfect for a square face. If this is to be taken into consideration, you should actually rely on the shape of your eyebrows to find the perfect pair of glasses. Thanks to this, you will then be able to enhance your line, your eyes and your face! So much so that you will never take your glasses off! How to go about it ? We will explain everything to you !

Should you adapt your glasses to the shape of your eyebrows?

The answer is, unsurprisingly, yes! To choose the right frame, the shape of your eyebrows should be the guideline. Observe your line carefully, the top of your glasses frame should be as similar as possible to your arch . The glasses will then better match your face for a look that will appear natural, without hardening your features.

A question we regularly ask ourselves is: should glasses reveal the eyebrows or on the contrary hide them? The ideal frames for your face go at least halfway up your eyebrows. They should not appear at the level of the lenses or, on the contrary, should be too high in relation to the frame. When placed in the right place, it brings some symmetry to the face. Your eyes will then fill the lenses better and your look will be much more highlighted. Also choose frames where your eyes will be in the center of the lenses.

We all have different eyebrows, they are what give character to the face. By opting for the frame best suited to the shape of your line, your bow will be enhanced.

How to choose the right glasses for your eyebrows?

Before going to your optician, apply makeup to your eyebrows as usual to ensure how it will look on a daily basis.

If you have thin eyebrows, opt for fairly thick frames to rebalance your facial features. On the other hand, if your line is thick, prefer medium-thick or thin frames. For a harmonious look, the frame should reach just below your arch.

If you have rather arched eyebrows, round glasses will suit you perfectly. On the other hand, if they are rather straight, square frames suit you best.

Another little tip, take the time to try on your glasses . If you have to try on every frame in the store to find THE perfect pair for you, do it! You may wear your glasses for years and their choice should not be taken lightly. They must please you and match your eyebrow line so that it is a real pleasure to wear them. They would no longer miss ending up at the bottom of a drawer!

What color for my glasses?

The color of your glasses frame is just as essential as the shape. In this case, it is the color of your eyes that must be taken into account. Be careful of black which can harden facial features and dull your light irises.

If you have blue eyes, cool tones such as blue or purple will highlight your look. If you have green eyes, opt for green, khaki, pink or even gray. Finally, if you have brown eyes, go for pink, blue or green. If your skin is fair, choose soft or pastel colors. If your skin is dark, then prefer deeper shades. If you have any doubt, choose tortoiseshell frames because they suit everyone!

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