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Article: Brow mapping or the method for a perfect line

Brow mapping or the method for a perfect line

How to have perfect eyebrows? It depends on many factors, but one technique seems foolproof to obtain an ideal arch to enhance your look: eyebrow mapping.

There is no one perfect brow shape, fill method, or shade that works for everyone. The ideal line varies depending on facial features, hair color and even personality! Does this seem complex to you? However, it is not that difficult to find your ideal eyebrow shape. Indeed, beauty professionals have a technique to personalize your line without making a mistake in order to perfectly harmonize your face and your eyes. This method is called brow mapping or in French, eyebrow mapping. No, don't worry, we're not asking you to be a geography whiz! You may have already noticed that some technicians draw geometric lines to frame the arch before a hair removal or microblading session. This is eyebrow mapping!

While this method seems technical, it's actually quite simple and anyone can use it to personalize and beautify their brows, even at home. So why not give it a try?

What is eyebrow mapping?

Brow mapping is a technique frequently employed by brow artists to shape the line, ensuring that all angles are equal and proportional to the shape of the face. This is why the technician generally traces these famous lines before a microblading session to ensure the precise angles of the eyebrow and find the most flattering shape for the client's face. This allows you to remove hairs in the right places, modify the shape if necessary and correct certain areas to rebalance the arch.

Brow mapping takes five main factors into account:

  • Uniformity
  • The proportion
  • Hair density
  • Hair growth
  • The client's makeup style

To map your eyebrows, it is essential to define the ideal points for the head of your eyebrows, your arch or the highest point of your line and finally, for the tip. Now is the time to brush up on your basics! We take a pencil which we place next to the nose and which passes through the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrow, this is where your line should begin. We move the pencil towards the outside of the eye. When it passes the middle of the pupil, this is the ideal place to place your arch. Finally, continue to move the pencil to the outer corner of the eye, this is where your eyebrow should end. Draw small dots at each of these key locations and connect them using a pencil darker than the color of your hair. The second point, that of the arch, must be the highest. Once all the dots are connected, you will find the perfect shape for you! It's that simple !

Using your nose and eyes, mapping allows you to find the tailor-made shape for your face so your eyebrows will perfectly match your features.

It is recommended to stay close to the natural shape of your eyebrows because nature generally does things well! You don't start changing your shape armed with your tweezers! We rely on the mapping of our eyebrows and we pluck below and above to simply clean up.

This method is simple, quick and effective to carry out! One of its other advantages is that it does not require specific equipment.

If you wish to carry out a complete restructuring of your line, we still advise you to make an appointment with a technician who will be able to adapt the shape of your arch to that of your face. L'Atelier du Sourcil offers a restructuring service in all its stores to enhance your look. It is useful to call on a professional to gather all the personalized advice you will need. In addition, all you have to do is clean up the small regrowths with a tweezer and your eyebrows will always stay in tip-top shape!

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