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Article: What are the makeup trends for spring 2021?

What are the makeup trends for spring 2021?

Spring is now well established! Our makeup brightens and becomes more colorful. But what are the biggest trends of the moment? A quick overview!

This spring, the look is once again the center of attention! Our eyes become the best way to express our emotions while wearing a mask remains obligatory. Sunny days are synonymous with light, boldness, colors and good humor. This season's makeup trends reflect all of this to perfection! Our eyes become a true artist's canvas to express our personality and our sensitivity. Without further ado, here are all the make-up trends that will brighten up our spring!

Bold eyeliner

Eyeliner is still popular! The simple black line that intensifies the look is a must-have, but eyeliner has been in decline for several seasons and doesn't intend to stop there. It draws inspiration from the 80s and 90s for particularly daring looks. We like very graphic shapes with several lines or the famous floating liner which has more and more fans or even the liner which highlights the eyebrow. In terms of color, we really like pastel shades with the arrival of spring. A simple line of lilac, baby blue, sugared pink or mint green can make all the difference. We also like neon as well as earthy tones like burnt orange or forest green. The good trick ? No need to buy eyeliners of all colors, just create your line with eye shadow and a fine angled brush. For more pigmentation and hold, don't hesitate to wet your shadow!

Colorful eyelids

Color again and again! No more dark or dull tones of winter, we want light. This season, we love bright colors. We allow ourselves absolutely all the shimmering shades, even the craziest ones. We love green, yellow, orange or even blue! For a successful spring beauty look, the idea is to create a surprising look with particularly unexpected colors . Neon shades as well as bright purples are in this season but one of the most stunning shades is red! For some time now, it has been used not only on the lips but also on the eyelids for breathtaking makeup. You can mix it with its blush that rises to the temples and why not combine it with a matching lipstick for a monochrome look inspired by the eighties.

Metallic colors

They were the stars of winter and they don't intend to retreat with the first rays of sunshine. Metallic colors are ideal for instantly creating sophisticated, dramatic makeup! Gold is a must-have for the spring and summer seasons. We like it with black for a femme fatale look but also with purple, turquoise or pink. Bronze, silver, copper or even rose gold as well as the colors of the rainbow with metallic reflections magnify our eyelids. However, they do not remain confined to our eyes, we can also wear metallic shades on the lips, cheeks and even... on the eyebrows for even more daring!

The romantic smokey

The smokey eye always has its effect! With the arrival of sunny days, we swap dark colors for much brighter shades. It’s pink and lilac that seem to be coming out on top this year. The smoky effect is particularly trendy at the moment. We adapt it to the season with softer, more subtle nuances full of freshness. It is possible to combine pink or lilac with nude shades or to create gradients between different tones of pink, purple and mauve. We stay light, so we don't choose too dark colors. We tend to stick to pastel or bright colors! All you need to do is create your smokey as usual with at least three different and contrasting colors.

Natural eyebrows

Thick, natural eyebrows are still THE big trend. Well-defined lines enhance and harmonize the face while giving a youthful appearance. “Virgin brows ” and “ fluffy brows ” are still in style and will remain so for a while, so don’t hesitate to let your eyebrows grow! To make them look their best, start by brushing them upwards using a clean bottle brush. We then use a fine pencil to create the illusion of small hairs by drawing small lines at an angle to fill in the sparse areas. We then apply a tinted or untinted gel to create a more voluminous and defined arch. We always brush upwards to stretch the hairs and give thickness. Finish with a fixing gel like our Browshape transparent fixing gel for longer wear!

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