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Article: How to soothe red eyes? All our advice!

How to soothe red eyes? All our advice!

Fatigue, difficult period or dry eyes, several factors can be responsible for red and swollen eyes. Good news, we have put together a whole range of tips to soothe them so that they look sparkling again!

After a long day in front of the computer or after a difficult night, our eyes can sometimes be tired which results in their red and swollen appearance. It could also be due to blood vessel problems, dry eyes or a difficult period. Who doesn't have red, swollen eyes after crying? If this is your case, we want your secret! Because yes, crying can happen when we are going through a difficult situation, or when we are affected by an upset or tired, it is an emotional response unique to humans and quite normal.

Whatever the reason for your red and swollen eyes, it is important to soothe them aesthetically but above all in order to regain some comfort. But how do you relieve these symptoms? Here are lots of tips to regain a rested look full of vitality!

  • Apply cold

When the eyes are tired or after crying, one can feel a certain heat. The eyes are irritated. To reduce inflammation, there is nothing better than keeping them cool! The cold has many benefits whether for the body, face or eyes, it is used more and more in the world of beauty. It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, which immediately decongests the eye area, soothes it and brings a very pleasant sensation. Thus, we can use cold compresses to put on both eyes to reduce inflammation. Take the time to lie down comfortably and apply the cold compresses for a few minutes by exerting light pressure with your fingers. You can wet the compresses several times with cold water to prolong this moment of well-being.

You can also replace the compresses with ... slices of cucumber! No it's not a myth, this beauty tip can really help soothe your eyes. Why ? Quite simply because the cucumber is full of water and it acts as a compress being even more practical because the feeling of freshness lasts longer. Just wash it, cut two slices (or more because you can never plan enough!) And place them in the fridge or even in the freezer a few minutes before application. We put them on the eyes and voila!

It is possible to replace the compresses or the cucumber with tea bags, especially black tea, which can also be placed in the fridge! Tea contains caffeine which stimulates circulation and decongests the eyes. We relax by letting our refrigerated sachets rest on their pupils for 15 to 30 minutes and goodbye to red eyes!

Another tip? Apply cold spoons or place her eye cream in the fridge.

  • Massage the area around the eyes

Stimulate blood circulation and increase blood flow soothes the eyes. To do this, you can do a few yoga movements of the face or massage the eye area while practicing acupressure. Simply massage the temples and eye contours from the inside out to relax the area and drain the lymph. It only takes two to three minutes to see a big difference!

  • Apply floral waters

Water or tea are good allies for tired eyes, but floral waters are also a very good choice because they have many benefits. The best known is that of blueberries, widely used in cosmetic products. It fights against tired, swollen or irritated eyes thanks to its refreshing action and its calming properties. Chamomile hydrosol is also a treatment with calming and anti-inflammatory properties that reduces puffiness and decongests the eyes in just a few minutes. Green myrtle floral water is very soft and therefore suitable for the sensitive and fragile skin of the eye. Like the previous hydrosols, it soothes tired and irritated eyes. The same goes for witch hazel floral water which reduces inflammation, redness and puffiness. We can also use hydrosols of eucalyptus, calendula, coriander or lemon balm.

  • Use the right colors

If your eyes tend to be red every day, this problem is most likely due to the influx of blood. Make-up can help you then. Navy eyeliner tends to make the eyes look whiter! Concealer is also one of your allies because it helps neutralize redness around the eyes and harmonize the complexion over the entire face. Finally, avoid colors that are too red, pink or purple in the eye area. Instead, prefer to put the accent elsewhere, for example on the lips. You can also put a point of light in the inner corner of the eye with a touch of highlighter to illuminate the eyes!

  • Promote hydration

Red eyes can be the result of a dryness problem, so it is essential to rehydrate the area around the eyes as well as the whole body. The first step is to simply drink water. Staying hydrated throughout the day is essential!

When removing makeup, use a moisturizing cleanser so as not to dry out the skin even more. A two-phase treatment, that is, formulated with water and oil, is ideal for gently removing makeup and maintaining the protective barrier of the skin. Remember to apply a moisturizer and eye cream to lock in moisture.

If you wear contact lenses, be sure to disinfect them well and remove them every evening. If the feeling of dryness continues, there are drops to restore hydration to the eyes which will be recommended by your ophthalmologist.

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