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Article: The pinching of eyebrows, the natural alternative to the botox

The pinching of eyebrows, the natural alternative to the botox

Over time, eyebrows can become heady and tiring. If the botox allows to trace its arc, there is a more natural method for similar effects: the pinch of the eyebrows!

The eyebrows, like the eyelids, may tend to fall as we age. This is a perfectly normal phenomenon. It's the muscles around the eyes that are starving and who are responsible for falling eyebrows. The orbital muscle of the eyelids, the muscle that surrounds the eyes in a circular fashion, acts on the portion of the tail of the eyebrows and closes the eyelids. When it collaps, it lowers the tail of the eyebrow and can also cause the famous wrinkles of the goose. The corrugator and depressor supercilii muscles are also found responsible for the fall of the head of the eyebrow.

One of the techniques for raising eyebrows is the botox, which allows the head and tail of the eyebrows to be traced back to each person's needs. But before resorting to this kind of invasive method, there are more natural solutions. Yoga of the eyes is a good way to maintain a young and healthy look by delaying, in particular, the appearance of wrinkles. It is also possible to stimulate the muscles responsible for the collapse of the eyebrows thanks to the technique of pinching the eyebrows. This very ancient technique allows to fight against falling eyebrows but also to improve wellbeing. It's worth trying!

What is the pinch of eyebrows?

The pinch of eyebrows is an ancient Ayurvedic practice, an unconventional traditional Indian medicine. More and more people are turning to Ayurveda, the ancient medicines and to the principles of holistic beauty. Indeed, there is a very close connection between exterior beauty and inner well-being.

 The method of pinching the eyebrows requires a gentle massage around the pressure points of the eyebrows to avoid the collapse of the muscles around the eyes, but also to reduce the pockets, stimulate the blood circulation in order to rejuvenate tired eyes. For this, firm movements, softer pinches at the top and bottom of the eyebrows are carried out using thumbs and indexes as well as circular motions to promote good circulation. This energetic and gentle massage helps to eliminate the accumulation of toxins around the eye contour. Over time, these exercises help to rebalance and improve the appearance and tone of the skin.

For visible results, the key is regularity. It is therefore essential to carry out this massage every day for about ten minutes to really see the effects on his eyebrows and his eyes in general.

What are the benefits of pinching the eyebrows?

The pinching of the eyebrows thus stimulates the muscles around the eyes as well as the blood circulation. The outline of the eyes and eyebrows is firmer and the pockets are lowered for a brighter look. Thanks to the massage, collagen production is reactivated, which helps to fill the wrinkles and wrinkles.

The word "pinch" can evoking pain, and yet this technique is not at all painful. It actually provides a real moment of well-being.

By stimulating the pressure points around our eyes and eyebrows, it helps to relax deeply. Massage relieves an accumulation of tension around our temples. Some of the tensions we are not always aware of are lodged in different parts of our face. They are often responsible for premature skin aging. It is therefore important to relax the features of his face, especially the area around the eyes, to defrost them. This massage then joins the useful with the pleasant! It retains a rejuvenated look while soothing the face and mind after a busy day.

Can you really pinch your eyebrows yourself?

There are experts who know exactly what to do around the eyebrows for a satisfactory result in the long run. However, eyebrow pinching is more effective if done on a daily basis. It is therefore quite possible to achieve it even. You can initially consult a professional to find out about this Ayurvedic method. However, there are also tutorials to find on the Internet that will help you reproduce the right gestures at home. You don't need anything but your fingers to knead the pressure areas between your eyebrows and pinch the top and bottom of your bow slightly. For even more well-being, the massage is carried out with an oil or cream that will also moisturize the skin.

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