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Article: How to wear makeup to be trendy for the start of the school year?

How to wear makeup to be trendy for the start of the school year?

With the start of the school year, new make-up trends are arriving and are counting on making us succumb. What are they and how to adopt them? Here is a little recap to be on top of the season!

Each season, make-up trends are renewed just like fashion trends. The eyes are more than ever highlighted in this re-entry following the wearing of the obligatory mask. This season, the colors are meant to be much more vivid and vibrant to emphasize the eyes. Eyeliner is always bolder and more graphic for remarkable beauty looks. But what are the trends to adopt right now? L'Atelier du Sourcil tells you everything!

For eyes

With the wearing of compulsory masks becoming more common, the eyes are now the center of attention. While it is true that many women increasingly favor very light or even natural make-up, make-up trends are mainly focused on the eyes. No need for lipstick, the focus is on the eyes. Thus, we can allow ourselves a few fantasies even during the day.

The majority of current trends are particularly bold with shimmering colors. However, nude and monochrome makeup is also in tune with the times. It will delight those who want fresh and soft makeup. We use shades such as peach, taupe, cream, pale pink, pinkish beige for a real boost. For lighter but more colorful makeup, pastel shades are as popular as ever. We opt for pastel yellow, melon, light pink, baby blue, mint green and even lilac, a very popular color this year.  Neon colors will also be everywhere this fall to bring a little eighties side to make-up.

Eyeliner is also very daring. It can be worn two-tone for a personalized and worked look that does not forget to be playful. We draw a black line along the upper lashes to bring definition and then a line in the color of your choice to illuminate the eyes. Yellow, blue or even purple are the most popular shades for this fall 2020. For the evening, we focus on metallic shades, especially gold, copper, bronze, champagne and silver in order to shine until the end of the night. Eyeliner is always worn very graphically, the floating liner or eyeliner floating above the eyelid remains a must-have for the more daring of us.

The smokey eye is a sure bet when it comes to makeup. This year, it slips away by getting a lot more punchy and vitaminized. We leave gray or black in the closet and we prefer shades of purple or mauve. These shades work with all iris colors and promise to brighten up the start of the school year. For the evening, we do not fail to adopt glitter for an 80s atmosphere that we never tire of.

For the eyebrows

Eyebrow makeup is as important as eye makeup. Our arch structures and harmonizes the face and the eyes. Thus, the eyebrows are of utmost importance. If we always like them well supplied and harmonious, we favor more and more the natural. We still like the "soap brows", fluffy and shiny eyebrows, as if brushed with soap. Nevertheless, brushed eyebrows are becoming the unavoidable trend of back-to-school because they are less defined and frozen for even more natural. If you have clear or thin eyebrows, fill them with a pencil by drawing small strokes diagonally to mimic the hairs. A coloured gel is then chosen in a shade similar to that of his eyebrows and brushed upwards. We fix it with a fixing gel, always in the same direction. If your eyebrows are naturally thick and well supplied, you can simply brush them up using our Browshape transparent fixing gel. They will stay in place all day long, while maintaining a very natural look.

For the complexion

Summer is coming to an end but we love the return effect of holidays. We then opt for a warm and luminous complexion that we sculpt with a powder of sun and a little highlighter.

The Dolphin Skin or "dolphin skin"is also one of the major trends of the moment. The goal is to display a very fresh, bright and light complexion. The secret of this very glowy makeup is simply the proper hydration of the skin. Fluid textures are then used and the mattifying powder is forgotten. If you keep your hand light on the foundation, you don't hesitate to rekindle the glow of your face with the highlighter.

For lips

With the mandatory mask, lips are far from a make-up priority. Don't forget to moisturize them to maintain a nice nude look. If we do not intend to deprive ourselves of lipstick, it is the dark colors that have the coast at the moment. We love burgundy, plum, wine dregs and even shades that are similar to black for a gothic and glamorous make-up.

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