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Article: Hair gel for eyebrows, good or bad idea?

Hair gel for eyebrows, good or bad idea?

Hardly a day goes by without a new beauty tip for even more beautiful and defined brows. Recently, it is the hair gel that seems to be winning all the votes. But can you really use it on your eyebrows?

The eyebrows have been the center of attention for several years. All women are looking for ways to make them always more beautiful, fuller and more defined. On social networks, beauty professionals but also enthusiasts frequently share their tips for dreamy eyebrows. However, not all of these beauty hacks are always recommended although some are extremely popular. This is particularly the case with soap to replace the fixing gel or the self-tanner to replace the tint of the eyebrows. Recently, a new trick is creating a buzz on the Web. To fix your eyebrows in no time for all day, just use hair gel! This particularly facilitates things since the product then becomes two in one. But can you really trade your eyebrow gel for hair gel?

It is true that this little trick seems quite logical. If the product is not harmful to our hair, why would it be harmful to our eyebrow hair? Some hair gels can even be enriched with nourishing oil to fix the hair while taking care of it. But is that a good idea?

It is indeed possible to use hair gel on your eyebrows to replace the specialized gel for the area around the eyes. However, this option is not to be favored on a daily basis. It is only useful for troubleshooting if you no longer have eyebrow gel on hand.

Hair gels can contain a lot of alcohol, which fixes but also dries out the hair making it quite hard. The eyebrows will then be dry and as hard as a rock by applying hair gel to them. Fixing agents dry on the hair to hold it in place. If this is the goal, the hair does not breathe! This will be the same for eyebrow hair.

In addition, the product may crumble over the course of the day which may cause the appearance of small white particles which may look like dandruff. This is already something we want to avoid on the hair, so we might as well not take the risk of ruining our eyebrow makeup! Whether for the hair or for an eyebrow emergency, we prefer to opt for a gel with flexible hold that will be less drying and will not give this effect of white particles. 

What are the alternatives ?

While it is sometimes recommended to use soap and water, this option is also avoided. If you find yourself running out of eyebrow gel, you can use a little lip balm. The product will fix the eyebrows providing a much softer option. If the lip balm has a sun protection factor, it is even better because it will protect them from UV rays which can slightly discolor them.

The best option, however, is to be patient and sport natural eyebrows before getting a new gel specially designed for the area around the eyes.

How to choose the right eyebrow gel?

For a colored gel, it is important to choose the shade of the product. We opt for a shade that is closest to that of his eyebrows or slightly darker. Be careful though that the color is not too dark, not more than the root of your hair, otherwise it could harden your eyes.

For a very natural look, especially if your eyebrows are already thick, the transparent fixing gel is ideal for disciplining your line with subtlety.

We also make the difference between eyebrow mascara and fixing gel. A mascara, also called gel, makes up the eyebrow but does not fix it. A fixing gel should then be used to complement whether it is tinted or transparent.

How do you use your eyebrow gel?

The eyebrow gel colored as our colorful Frosthape gel is a good way to get well-supplied and defined eyebrows in seconds. The application is particularly easy, it leaves no residue and keeps the hairs in place throughout the day. However, it is important not to put too much. The surplus is then wiped out with the enforcement.

Before using it on the eyebrows, you can start brushing your line with a clean pin. After the pencil step if  necessary, the gel brush is then used from front to back for a more natural result. We fix it all with our Browshape transparent fixing gel for even more outfit! You can also use it alone for a "no make-up" look.


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