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Article: How to have Lily Collins' eyebrows in Emily in Paris?

How to have Lily Collins' eyebrows in Emily in Paris?

Since release Netflix, series Emily is in Paris There are many marks on social networks. If not everyone believes in the American series, one thing everyone agrees: Lily Collins' eyebrows. But how can we get the same results? There are all the skills here!

series Emily is in Paris Exited on Netflix From early October to now, the show of Darren star has been a hot topic on the Internet. Emily, the actress in the play, is a 20-year-old American young woman from Chicago. To work, she had to go to Paris to work with a luxury marketing company in Paris. The young lady, who incarnates Lily Collins, has always been impeccable in her wardrobe, making our dreams come true. But if these expressions are not ignored, it is the actress's eyebrows that attract all the desires. The young woman is already a fashion icon, but she has strengthened her position as Emily Cooper Real inspiration-Yes. Now everyone wants Lily Collins' eyebrows. What's the good news? It's easy to get a beautiful, uniform line, the same as the actress.

The show's makeup artist, Aurelie Payen, recently revealed Lily Collins' beauty secrets when filming the series. Emily is in Paris-Yes. She also gave a detailed introduction to the actress's daily life Dreamy eyebrows-Yes. In an interview County magazine, O'Reilly Payn said: "Lily's eyebrows are prominent and unique. This is his signature! "

Lily Collins, of course, has a beautiful, dense, clear, natural and even eyebrow. However, even if your eyebrows are thinner than the actresses, according to her makeup artist, similar results may be achieved.

If you're as lucky as a starEmily is in Paris If you have a good natural eyebrow line, you don't need too much eyeballs. To recreate the actress's beautiful appearance, you just need to bring our Transparent gel fixator in order to Disciplinarian and Fixed eyebrows All day. You comb your hair up and then brush it with clean little fluff to the shape you want. It is only necessary to apply gel in the same way to obtain very natural effect. It's simple, isn't it?

in order to Raise your eyebrows, using a beige pencil or Our weatherproof mines Choose a clearer shadow than his Holocaust to emphasize his bow and his shape. You can tap the sunscreen under the eyebrow bow with your fingers to make the makeup look natural. If you want to add a little bit of brightness, especially at night, you can use a highlight instead of a crash wall.

If your eyebrows are thin, sparse or white, don't panic! You may also get eyebrows like Lily Collins. That's enough Change the transparent gel for the colored eyebrow glue It's like Our color browser shape gel Give your hair more strength. If your eyebrows are really sparse, you can fill them with small patterns with a pencil of the same color as your hair. Then brush the eyebrows to the desired shape with a nail brush, and then use the color gel again for natural effect. Your lines will be perfectly defined and stay perfect throughout the day. In addition to strengthening and lifting your bow, this will enlarge your eyes. Finally, add a little sunscreen or highlight under the eyebrow arch for better clarity. If you dream of a bushy eyebrow like Lily Collins, you can also use a special rejuvenating serum to enhance her hair regeneration ability. This kind of care nourishes and strengthens the eyebrows. It can find a richer route in a few weeks.

For beautiful, thick, clear and harmonious eyebrows, you can also choose semi permanent makeup. The Institute's eyebrow studio offers a variety of services, including Microblade-Yes. This technique allows layer by layer rendering, which looks very natural and lasts about 9 to 12 months. It's a great choice to make your eyebrows look like Lily Collins instead of going to the dressing room every morning!

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