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Article: How to make up your eyebrows for Halloween?

How to make up your eyebrows for Halloween?

The eyebrows harmonize the face and give character to the look. Neglecting them during her Halloween makeup would be a mistake because they are the detail that makes all the difference. But how do you put makeup on them for that special occasion? Here are all our tips!

The eyebrows are of the utmost importance in our daily makeup routine. Eyebrows harmonize the features, they are able to give a sad, astonished or happy expression to the face. To achieve a beautiful makeup, it is therefore essential to pay them special attention. Halloween night will be no exception to this rule. The eyebrows should not be neglected when achieving the beauty look so that it is convincing. They are the detail that can make all the difference.

Hide your eyebrows

For beautiful Halloween makeup and absolutely stunning eyebrows, the secret is just to hide them! You can hide your eyebrows to create a particularly disturbing effect or to reinvent yourself a line more in line with your make-up. For that, there is no need to shave them. The essential tool is not in your make-up bag but in the bag of your childhood. To hide the eyebrows, stick glue is essential. If covering your bow with glue can be scary, rest assured, glue sticks intended for children are generally non-toxic.

To conceal the eyebrows, start by brushing them downwards with a small brush. Then apply a layer of glue stick and smooth the hairs to distribute the product. Before the glue is dry, we brush his eyebrows again, but this time, upwards. Apply a second layer of glue in the direction of the pile, ie upwards. We then smooth his eyebrows to create a flat surface. We wait for the glue to dry. We then clean the entire area around the eyebrows before covering the hairs with loose powder, preferably white or transparent, using a powder puff. With a sponge, you dab a concealer on all of her eyebrows, which will then be ready to receive the foundation or any other makeup planned for your Halloween look.

Exaggerate your eyebrows

If in France, scary costumes and make-up are preferred, Halloween is above all a great opportunity to dress up and wear dazzling make-up.

Hiding your eyebrows allows you to recreate them by opting for more original shapes each other. For Halloween makeup, it is often necessary to exaggerate its line. For a clown make-up, the eyebrows will be very fine, very high and particularly rounded. For a witchy look, opt for very thick or even bushy eyebrows in the shape of a circumflex accent to bring severity to the look. You can do this by either accenting your eyebrows with pencil or powder or masking them before drawing a terrifying new line with black eyeliner. You can also give free rein to your inspiration and create effects that are as surprising as they are impressive, for example the cartoon effect.

Putting your eyebrows in the center of attention

For Halloween makeup that shines, the eyebrows can be a detail or the center of attention. One of the major trends of recent years is that colored or glittery eyebrows. Just color your line in a completely unexpected color or cover it entirely with glitter. If this type of make-up looks particularly good on Instagram, it is difficult to wear in everyday life. Halloween is the perfect time to try this trend.

For example, his eyebrows are painted red to change to Ivy Poison, white to turn into an ice queen, gold or green to become a mermaid, or pink and blue to imitate Harley Quinn. You can also adopt glitter eyebrows for even more glamour. To do this, you fill your eyebrows as usual but using a pencil or a blush of the color of your choice. For a better outfit and a better result, we apply a colorful mascara on her pretty line. For the glitter effect, the eyebrows are sprayed with a fixing spray after brushing them. They are then coated with glittery pigments. There are eyebrow-specific illuminators that will give a brighter side to your bow in a more subtle way.

For even more sophisticated make-up, you can embellish your eyebrows with beads, rhinestones or skin jewelry. To do this, you put a little glue on false eyelashes with a beveled brush on your eyebrows. All you have to do is stick the accessories on your line for a make-up that promises to make a mark.

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