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Article: How to choose the color of your eyebrows?

How to choose the color of your eyebrows?

Eyebrows highlight your eyes. This is why it is important to take care of them and elegantly emphasize their natural curve. For this, choosing the right shade to make up your eyebrows is essential.

For eye makeup, the way in which you makeup your eyebrows is essential. If you use an eyebrow pencil , the line is essential, but the color used is even more important. This is why choosing the shade of your coloring or makeup is a key step in enhancing your eyebrows. Discover our best tips for highlighting the beauty of your eyes!

How to have beautiful eyebrow color?

Choosing the color of your eyebrow coloring or makeup is very important. In fact, a bad choice of shade can harden your look or, on the contrary, give an overly made-up effect that lacks naturalness. To help you, here are our best tips based on the color of your hair.

For brunettes

The ideal is to accentuate your eyebrow arches by opting for a shade similar to that of your hair. This will intensify your look while maintaining a natural look. Avoid opting for the color black, if it is not your natural color, as it risks hardening your look and making you look tired.

For dark blonde or brown hair

For women with light brown or dark blonde hair, choose shades slightly darker than those of your natural hair. This will allow you to elegantly highlight your eyebrows while maintaining a natural effect.

For blondes

For people with very light hair, choose a taupe tone, which will highlight your eyebrows without marking them too much. Indeed, the final result must remain natural and harmonious.

The preferred techniques for coloring your eyebrows

To enhance the color of your eyebrows, several techniques can be used effectively and lastingly.

Eyebrow coloring

Eyebrow coloring consists of a dye identical to that of hair which will color the hairs of your eyebrows. The effect of coloring generally remains visible for at least 3 weeks, which corresponds to the lifespan of your eyebrow hairs.

For who ?

Eyebrow coloring is ideal if you want to enhance your eyebrows without having to apply makeup every morning. On the other hand, this beauty technique is not necessarily suitable for people with sparse eyebrows, because the coloring will tend to mark the empty spaces even more. In this case, permanent makeup (especially microblading) is the most appropriate method. It actually allows you to reshape missing eyebrows hair by hair and thus fill in sparse spaces.

Where to color your eyebrows?

Although it is entirely possible to tint your eyebrows at home, going to a beauty salon is the most recommended option, especially for the first time. You will be able to benefit from the advice of an expert in eye makeup and make the best choices based on the particularities of your eyebrows.

Colored eyebrow gel

The tinted eyebrow gel is like a mascara for eyelashes. It allows you to color your eyebrows temporarily like classic makeup.


Using colored eyebrow gel offers many benefits:

  • Quick use: the eyebrow gel allows you to color your eyebrows quickly in just a few steps.
  • Guaranteed thickening effect: its gel texture helps boost the volume and thickness of your eyebrows to give the effect of a visibly thicker eyebrow while remaining natural.
  • More disciplined eyebrows: if you are used to your eyebrows doing what they want, eyebrow gel will allow you to keep your eyebrows in shape throughout the day.

Our tips for achieving perfect eyebrow makeup

For guaranteed results with an eyebrow gel, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose the shade of your colored gel carefully: depending on the natural color of your hair, opt for a slightly darker shade. If possible, experiment to see how it looks in relation to the natural color of your eyebrows and skin tone.
  2. Before applying your gel, clean your eyebrows well with a small brush.
  3. Apply your tinted eyebrow gel in the direction your hair grows. Do not apply too much material to always maintain a natural effect.
  4. Last tip: you can fine-tune the details with an eyebrow pencil to correct the shape or length of your eyebrows for a more harmonious result.

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