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Article: Doll make-up, Spanish make-up, Berry make-up… zoom in on the trends of the moment!

Doll make-up, Spanish make-up, Berry make-up… zoom in on the trends of the moment!

New make-up fashions are flourishing on social networks and announcing the latest trends of the moment. Discover them without further delay!

Doll make-up, Berry make-up or Spanish make-up, these new make-ups born on TikTok and broadcast on social networks give us the broad outlines of the make-up trends for this spring 2024. Sophisticated naturalness is highlighted honor with warm, spring colors. Find out how to achieve this type of makeup to always be ultra trendy!

Doll make-up for a guaranteed girly effect

Doll make-up is an ultra girly and quite sophisticated trend. This makeup reproduces, without overdoing it, the doll style, but with a limited number of cosmetics for an effect that remains natural.

The main stages of realization

To achieve a perfect Doll make-up, here are the main steps to follow:

  1. Take care of your complexion. Apply a CC cream to hydrate your skin and better set your makeup. Then put on your usual foundation, respecting the color of your skin tone.
  2. Apply your highlighter to illuminate your face.
  3. Important step in a Doll make-up, choose your blush carefully. Generally, pink shades are preferred for a guaranteed doll effect.
  4. When it comes to eye makeup, don't overdo it. A fine line of black eyeliner and black mascara, or even a Russian volume eyelash extension to boost the natural volume of your eyelashes is more than enough.
  5. To finish, make up your lips with a lipstick in nude or pink tones, which you can enhance by adding gloss for a shiny effect.

Doll make-up has the advantage of being suitable for everyone. It easily gives a healthy, glowy effect and can be combined without too much difficulty with many clothing looks.

Berry make-up: the ultimate fruity and spring makeup

Berry make-up is makeup that is meant to be light and fresh. The preferred shades are those of berries, hence the origin of the name of this trend. Bright colors like red, purple or pink are particularly popular, which bring a touch of lively and original color to your look.

Berry makeup: for whom?

Given the shades favored by Berry make-up, this makeup will suit people with brown eyes perfectly. But women with light eyes can also stand out by playing with unusual contrasts.

Instructions for a successful Berry make-up

Here are our best tips for doing trendy Berry makeup:

  1. Focus everything on your complexion. Apply your usual foundation and don't forget to use concealer , for a perfectly even and luminous complexion.
  2. You can possibly add a little blush, but very lightly.
  3. For the eyes, a wide range of colors is available (red, pink, purple). Use the eye shadow that best suits your skin tone and eye color. Always finish your eye makeup with a line of eyeliner , eyebrow pencil and mascara to skillfully highlight the colors of your eyeshadow.
  4. Finally, for your mouth, all pinks and reds are allowed. Choose a color that will harmonize with the rest of your makeup.

Spanish make-up: the Andalusian tradition put in the spotlight

Spanish make-up is a make-up highlighting the Spanish tradition and particularly the Andalusian tradition. This makeup takes up the beauty standards of flamenco culture with its bright colors, smoky eyes and intense red lipstick.

Does Spanish make-up suit everyone?

Spanish make-up uses bright, but rather classic, colors that suit all types of skin tone and iris color. This makeup can therefore suit all women and enhance their femininity for a guaranteed femme fatale look.

Steps to do a Spanish make-up

For a successful Spanish make-up, here are some tips that may be useful to you:

  1. Don't neglect your complexion. You can use a little blush for a healthy glow, but the most important thing is that your complexion is even and luminous.
  2. Eye makeup is essential in Spanish makeup. Traditionally, black is preferred for a more intense, smoky look. The eyelashes are enhanced with black mascara , or even by the addition of natural eyelash extensions for an even more impressive look.
  3. Finally, for lip makeup, intense red is preferred.

Spanish make-up puts red and black in the spotlight. These colors correspond in fact to the typical colors of flamenco dancers, for makeup that has captured all the sensuality and dynamism of this colorful culture.

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