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Article: Everything you need to know about eyebrow styling wax

Everything you need to know about eyebrow styling wax

Ideal for styling and disciplining eyebrows, styling wax is essential for having beautiful, well-defined eyebrows. What is it exactly ? How to properly apply eyebrow styling wax. Here is all you need to know !

Eyebrows are an important element of our face. They frame and emphasize our gaze . This is why it is essential to take care of them and integrate them into your beauty routine. The first step is, of course, eyebrow waxing . Once your eyebrows are well defined, you can enhance them by styling them and applying makeup !

Today, the trend is for eyebrows that are rather thick , but structured and disciplined... which is not always easy to achieve. Indeed, some people may have eyebrow hairs that stand out and complicate eye makeup. To overcome this, it is possible to use eyebrow styling wax , a colorless and very practical product that allows you to finally have the groomed and disciplined eyebrows you dream of .

What is eyebrow styling wax?

Eyebrow styling wax is, as its name suggests, a wax intended to be specifically applied to the eyebrows . Generally colorless and odorless, it aims to fix and discipline the hairs , and thus help you highlight your look . It looks like a pen or a lipstick stick and allows you to sculpt eyebrows flexibly and in just a few minutes!

Why use eyebrow styling wax?

We will generally use a fixing wax for eyebrows when we want to style, texturize or straighten them . This type of product is suitable for all types of eyebrows, but is particularly used in two cases:

  • If you have thick and unruly eyebrows : thanks to wax, you will be able to tame rebellious and unruly hairs, for an absolutely perfect eyebrow line!
  • If you have thin eyebrows : with styling wax, it is possible to texturize your eyebrows and give them volume, even if they are thin. Ideal for correcting this and giving the illusion of thicker, fuller eyebrows.

Styling wax can also be used to hide your eyebrows . Indeed, whether to follow a makeup trend or to create party makeup , it may happen that you want to hide your eyebrows. For this, styling wax can be an excellent ally! It helps you flatten your eyebrows and then cover and camouflage them using foundation, for example.

Discover the Browstyler, our styling wax for impeccable eyebrows

To help you take care of and sculpt your eyebrows, discover our Browstyler kit composed of a stick of fixing wax and a brush , for quick and easy application!

With its vegan formula , composed mainly of argan oil and vitamin E , this eyebrow wax will not only style the hairs! It nourishes, protects and strengthens them by providing them with everything they need. Because, we must not forget, eyebrow hairs, like hair, must be nourished and protected to remain strong and beautiful. Besides, if your eyebrows don't seem in shape, revitabrow eyebrows are ideal for nourishing and strengthening your hairs .

With its beveled tip , this fixing wax is ultra simple to apply. With just one touch, you can precisely apply the material to your eyebrows, then spread and blend it using the brush provided. In stick form, it is applied in a few seconds and without direct contact with the formula.

Completely colorless , this wax is ideal because it styles your eyebrows without leaving residue or a sticky feeling ! Lightweight, it keeps your hairs in place throughout the day, for neat makeup in all circumstances . In addition, this eyebrow wax offers you many possibilities: depending on your tastes, you can opt for a natural or more sophisticated look !

How to use Browstyler eyebrow styling wax?

This eyebrow makeup product is very easy to use, even if you are not used to using setting wax or makeup. Here are some steps to properly use Browstyler wax :

  1. Make sure your eyebrows are clean and apply the wax with the angled tip . Use upward movements while maintaining light pressure to reshape your eyebrows and give them the desired movement.
  2. Take the bottle brush and brush the bristles to blend the wax and distribute it evenly .

And voila ! Your eyebrows are thus perfectly sculpted and defined . If the wax is applied well, they will stay in place all day. Obviously, for the result to meet your expectations, we recommend that you carry out eyebrow waxing beforehand, so that no regrowth hairs spoil your eyebrow line!

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