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Article: Cherry Make Up: everything you need to know about this beauty trend that’s been a hit on TikTok

Cherry Make Up: everything you need to know about this beauty trend that’s been a hit on TikTok

With more than 29 million views on TikTok, Cherry Make-up has become the makeup trend for fall 2023. A look back at this new fashion propelled by social networks.

After “strawberry makeup”, cherry make-up is entering the new makeup trends of the moment . Declining the color red in all its aspects, cherry make-up counterbalances the latest fashion which advocates more of a return to naturalness. But, what are the particularities of Cherry make-up ? Find out everything you need to know about this new trend and how to achieve it for guaranteed successful results.

What are the codes for a successful Cherry make-up?

The Cherry makeup trend had already been anticipated in the fall-winter 2023 fashion shows, with models sporting bright red lips . This fashion was then strongly relayed by social networks to become the makeup trend of the moment. The principle of Cherry make-up is to enhance the color red in all its forms . Black red, garnet, mahogany, purple, red is in the spotlight this fall! This makeup trend was all the more successful because red helps enhance the complexion . Which is ideal during this autumn period when the days become shorter and less sunny.

Instructions for making a Cherry make-up

While some will dare to try a total Cherry make-up look , to begin with, it is advisable to limit yourself to one or two areas made up in red . Generally, it is the eyes, cheekbones or lips that are the preferred areas for this type of fall make-up.

Enhance your look with Cherry make-up

Whatever the color of your eyes, Cherry make-up will perfectly enhance your look . Indeed, the red color palette is very wide. For example, if you have blue eyes, choose orange-red shades. On the other hand, if you have brown eyes, preferably opt for dark red or garnet to highlight the natural color of your eyes.

With Cherry make-up, all styles are allowed . You can opt for a graphic total red makeup or adopt smoky eyes by varying several shades of red, from darkest to lightest.

The Cherry make-up version of the eyeliner

You can opt for a simple or more sophisticated red eyeliner line (double eyeliner, inverted eyeliner, doe eye, etc.), especially if it is makeup done for a festive event . You can even complete your makeup with colored mascara or an eyelash lift and tint .

Smoky eyes for a successful cherry make-up

Red smoky eyes are the star of eye makeup in Cherry make-up mode. To achieve this, take the time to identify colors that complement the shade of your eyes. Then choose three main shades, which will constitute the colors of your gradient. Don't forget to apply the darkest eye shadow first to outline the arc of your make-up. Finally, highlight your eyelids with lighter shades , which will illuminate the inner area of ​​your eye. Another tip, once your smoky eyes are finished, draw a light line of eyeliner with a red-brown makeup pen to enhance and intensify your look.

Enhance your complexion

Cherry make-up can also inspire you to make up your cheekbones . This will enhance the color of your complexion. Generally, fans of this new trend use pinkish-red loose powder (depending on the color of their skin tone), or blush to give a healthy glow.

Of course, these makeup tips should not make you neglect makeup before applying your complexion. Before applying blush or powder, apply a foundation in the color of your skin tone to hide small imperfections on your skin.

Boost the volume of your lips

The color red is naturally associated with lips . Cherry make-up is therefore the ideal trend to try if you are a fan of red and luscious lips . For successful lip makeup, remember to use a lip liner and a lipstick adapted both to your skin tone , but also to the dominant colors of your makeup . You can opt for uniform lips with intense colors , or for lips with gradient shades , which will help you gain volume if you have thin lips. Gloss in lighter shades or nude lipsticks can also do the trick, depending on the desired result.

Are you a fan of permanent makeup? Permanent lip makeup can also be achieved with superb red colors!

A red finish for your nails

For a total Cherry makeup look, wear the color red all the way to the tips of your nails . Intense red or garnet are all the rage this fall.

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