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Article: How to make an eyelash trim?

How to make an eyelash trim?

Eyeliner on the lash line is an essential technique for a successful make-up. Light and subtle, this makeup line generally brings elegance and intensity to your eyes for sublimated eyes on all occasions.

The eyeliner line on the lash line is one of the basics of eye makeup . Sometimes complex to achieve for novices in the field, the eyelash line is an area that can be difficult to apply makeup. But, what technique should you adopt to create a perfect lash line ? Discover foolproof tips to enhance your eyes!

What is a lashline?

The lashline is the area of ​​your eyelid closest to your eyelashes . It is generally disguised by a black line , the thickness of which can vary. Usually, black color is preferred, but other colors can also be used, such as brown or dark blue hues. Even for sophisticated eye makeup, like smoky eyes, the lash line is a key area for a successful makeup look .

How does the lashline enhance your look?

A well-made lash line allows you to reshape your look and make it more intense . It revives the color of your iris, whatever your natural eye color. In addition, a well-executed eyeliner line can give you the opportunity to correct some of your small imperfections . For example, depending on the line made, a lashline can allow you to:

  • hide drooping eyelids
  • give more depth to your look
  • give the illusion of a larger eye
  • or on the contrary to refine the shape of your eyes

How to achieve a perfect lash line?

To achieve a beautiful lash line, choose quality material . Pencil, liquid or gel eyeliner, kohl, makeup pen , can be good alternatives depending on the desired result. However, the most important thing to achieve a well-made lash line remains the accuracy of your line.

Here, moreover, are some tips for applying makeup to your lashline for an impeccable result:

  1. Start your line at the lashline starting from the inner corner of your eye.
  2. Use the tip of your pencil or felt-tip pen to have a straight and linear line. The ideal is to carry out your tracing at once to avoid irregularities. You can stretch your upper eyelid slightly to form a flatter surface if necessary.
  3. Trace your line to the point where your lower and upper lashes meet (at the outer corner of your eye).

Another tip, it is preferable to make a light line at the eyelash level for a more natural effect . Also avoid drawing a line on the lower lash line, as this could weigh down your eyes and make you look tired. Above all, do not be discouraged, this technique can be difficult to perform at first . You will definitely need a little practice to achieve the perfect lashline!

What do you think of permanent eyelash makeup?

Permanent makeup is, as its name suggests, a makeup technique that lasts over time . Based on the implantation of dermopigments in the outermost layers of the skin, permanent makeup can remain visible between 6 months and one to two years depending on the pigments used and the touch-ups carried out.

For who ?

Permanent eyelash trimming can be an ideal solution for busy women who don't necessarily find the time to put on makeup every morning. Indeed, even if a touch-up is generally necessary one month after the first session, this make-up then remains intact for several months . Furthermore, this alternative can also be perfect for people who have vision problems and who may have difficulty applying makeup on their own .

The main advantages of opting for permanent eyelash makeup

Permanent eyelash makeup has many advantages.

Enjoy impeccable makeup in all circumstances

The main advantage of permanent makeup is that it remains visible on your skin in all situations, without smudging or fading . You can therefore enjoy a sublimated look in all circumstances, even at the beach or at the swimming pool!

Be accompanied by a true eye care professional

Before carrying out your first permanent makeup session, a professional beautician will take the time to determine with you your needs and the exact outline that will need to be carried out . You will be able to take the opportunity to glean valuable makeup advice.

Permanent but not indelible

Even though this makeup is made to last, it is not indelible like a tattoo. If no retouching is carried out, it will disappear naturally after one or two years maximum. Additionally, permanent makeup can be touched up and corrected if necessary.

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