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Article: How to refresh your makeup in summer?

How to refresh your makeup in summer?

On hot summer days, it is best not to apply too heavy makeup. But how do you refresh your make-up to display a sunny beauty look? All our advice!

Spring gave us the opportunity to light up our makeup. In summer, it's time to completely refresh your beauty look! Too heavy and overloaded make-up can become difficult to bear as temperatures rise. It is therefore important to change your makeup routine for more comfort and a better result. Adapting your make-up to the change of season can be a game-changer. During the summer, we prefer to opt for a minimalist beauty look, but how do you achieve fresh and sunny makeup? The Eyebrow Workshop reveals all its tips for shining throughout the summer!

We prepare our skin

When it comes to summer skincare routine, the watchword is lightness. However, it is still just as important to hydrate your skin. We forget the thick creams for more airy textures, especially gel textures, very fresh. They will suit all skin types, especially oily skin because they will provide the necessary daily hydration without clogging the pores.

Throughout the year, but especially during the summer, protect your skin with sunscreen. You can opt for a tinted sunscreen, so you don't even need more makeup for a glowing complexion.

In order for the make-up to last throughout the day, we do not hesitate to apply a make-up base on the skin but also on the eyelids.

A complexion full of freshness

As with skincare, lightness is the secret to beautiful summer makeup. Contrary to popular belief, it is preferable to use less material so that the make-up lasts longer. For a beautiful complexion, forget too heavy foundations. We prefer light textures or baby creams to let the skin breathe. There are sunscreens that can turn your baby cream into a sunscreen with just a few drops. We then use a concealer to hide small imperfections.

Add a little blush on the cheekbones to enhance her beauty look while bringing her even more freshness. We don't forget the highlighter that will make your face shine from morning to night! It is placed above the cheekbones, between the eyebrows, on  the tip of the nose and in the center of the chin.

We prefer liquid, cream or gel textures rather than powder textures. The makeup is then fixed with a fixing spray. If your skin tends to shine, a hint of sheer powder will be ideal. You can also use mattifying wipes to refresh your makeup throughout the day.

A vitamin look

Above all, we take care of our eyelids. When you apply sunscreen, you don't forget them. It is important to protect the delicate and fragile skin of the eyes from the sun's rays. There are also eyeshadows with an SPF rating, they can be a very good option for summer makeup. As with foundation, products with liquid, cream or gel textures are preferred which blend better into the skin.

Waterproof make-up is avoided unless necessary during a day at the beach or poolside. You don't overload your lashes with mascara. Simply curl them with a lash curler and lay a layer of mascara. Black can be swapped for brown to have a more natural look. You can also use more vitamin shades, colorful mascaras are very trendy this summer. The same goes for eyeliner! The summer season is the perfect time to test more fun and daring beauty looks. We don't hesitate to bet on colour! To make it better throughout the day, a base is first traced with powder or a pencil. We then iron on it with the eyeliner of his choice.

For a sunny but natural look, we settle for mascara and a little highlighter. It is applied to the inner corner of the eyes and even to the eyelids instead of eyeshadow.

Eyebrows on fleek

You don't give up your eyebrows during the hot summer months. To ensure a beautiful line provided and defined, we once again rely on lightness and naturalness. If your eyebrows are sparse, you can fill them with a pencil or wax, remembering that the secret is to use as little material as possible. After this step or if your eyebrows are naturally thick, choose our colorful Frosthape gel to fix them in the shape you want.

A smile to chew

You moisturize your lips with a lip balm with a sun protection index to protect them from UV rays. Soft scrubs can be regularly done to remove all small dead skins. Natural lips are to be preferred this summer. If you want to color them, you bet on a tinted balm or on a liquid texture that will bring color while transparent.

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