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Article: How to choose the right tweezers?

How to choose the right tweezers?

A classic among your toiletry bags, the tweezers are the essential accessory for perfect eyebrows.

Practical and economical, it is one of the preferred eyebrow hair removal methods thanks to its great precision. But you still have to choose it well and let's face it ... there is no lack of choice! Check out all of our tips for finding the right tweezers for you.

Why tweezers your eyebrows?

The tweezers are ideal for waxing the eyebrows, a small area where the skin is sensitive. Waxing can irritate and dry out the skin, not to mention the risk of "waxing too much" at the risk of ending up with uneven eyebrows. The pliers are easier to use and allow hair to be removed quickly and cleanly. Historical tool, did you know that it was already in use in Gallo-Roman times!

What are the different shapes of tweezers?

There are 4 types of tweezers, with recognizable shapes and varied skills.

Straight or square tweezers

This is the classic tweezers. It pulls the hair well over the entire length and even manages to remove coarse hair. It is recognizable by its straight or square edges.

The "crab" tweezers

The so-called "crab" tweezers are ideal for the hair between the two eyebrows as well as at the end of the eyebrow. She manages to remove the finest and smallest hairs without breaking them. It is recognized by its curved inward ends.

The beveled tweezers

The beveled tweezers, also called "bias" are precise and resistant. It will be ideal for sensitive areas and most often used by professionals.

The pointed pliers

Finally, the pointed tweezers can be a complement to a more classic tweezers. It is strong and is used more to remove ingrown hairs and splinters.

Our recommendation: modern and professional tweezers

If you have not yet made your choice from all the tweezers available, take a look at our selection!

The tweezers " Stylbrow »

This tweezers offers a double tip: an eyebrow brush side which restructures the line and combs the hairs in the direction of growth and a bevelled side to then pluck the eyebrow with precision, hair after hair.

The tweezers " Tweez premium black »

This tweezers offer a good grip and allow precise eyebrow depilation thanks to its integrated light. Little more: it is very pretty with its modern black design and Swarovski crystal and can be stored in its case with mirror for nomadic hair removal.


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