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Article: Learn about semi permanent Mascara

Learn about semi permanent Mascara

Do you dream of having a pair of DOE's eyes even when you wake up? We found a solution! Semi permanent mascara can provide natural volume for eyelashes at any time, and even the most effective makeup remover can resist it. It's an in-house technique that saves you time every morning and avoids using a bag of classic mascara. Decrypt this new choice!

What is semi permanent mascara?

Semi permanent mascara is a cosmetic technology imported directly from the United States. This painless way to make your mascara look like a classic mascara, but it looks better. Ideal for summer, in addition to saving time, you can also avoid dropping Mascara after swimming at sea!

Semi permanent Mascara treatment how to proceed?

Eyelash makeup is done by a doctor in the Institute. The color of semi permanent mascara is black, because it can add depth to the thinnest lashes or lashes that lack strength. The course lasts about 20 minutes and includes the following specific steps:

  • The doctor puts you on an inclined chair first,
  • Then, it will put patches under your eyes and on your eyelids to prevent deposits on your skin. Once the patch is attached, the semi permanent product is removed by the doctor, who will put it directly on the customer's eyelashes.
  • Then she trained them with eyelashes.
  • A second layer can then be applied, depending on the customer's eyelash fullness and the expected end result.
  • After a few minutes in the pose, your eyes are sublimated.

The result is natural: the eyelashes are naturally black and bigger in any case.

What to do after the first semi permanent mascara?

It is recommended not to wet your eyes within 24 hours after treatment (semi permanent mascara will be completely waterproof). In addition, in the whole use process of semi permanent mascara, avoid using any oily substances to remove makeup. Finally, please note that this service does not require any modification.

How long does semi permanent Mascara take?

Semi permanent mascara can last for 15 days. In fact, unlike Eyelash Extensions and natural eyelashes that fall off at the same time, semi permanent Mascara materials fade until the product is completely gone.

Five good reasons to use semi permanent Mascara

The first thing in the morning is blinking,

The technique is completely painless.

"You don't have to make up in the morning, and you don't have to remove makeup at night, which saves time."

This mascara doesn't flow during the day and doesn't need to be adjusted.

– waterproof, make-up even under water.

Eyebrow studio offers semi permanent mascara.

Price of semi permanent Mascara : 60€

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