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Article: What is lash to lash?

What is lash to lash?

Lash to lash is a technique that allows you to enhance your natural eyelashes. Boost the volume of your eyelashes and enjoy an intense look by leaving aside your mascara.

Eyelash to eyelash or also called eyelash to eyelash extension is a technique that allows you to increase the natural volume of your eyelashes . Carried out in a beauty salon, this method has many advantages, including widening your eyes for a guaranteed doe-eye effect. But, how does a natural eyelash extension session take place? We take stock in this article.

What is an eyelash extension?

Lash to eyelash is a technique which consists of attaching an extension, generally made of microfiber, to your natural eyelash with a special glue . No contact with the eyelid skin is necessary, which significantly reduces the risk of skin allergies. The shape and size of these extensions can be personalized according to your tastes and the desired result. For a larger volume, this number can even go up to 100 extensions per eye . This is particularly the case with Russian volume eyelash extensions , operating more or less on the same principle as eyelash-to-eyelash extensions. This technique allows you, in fact, to obtain a volume up to 8 times greater than that which you have naturally.

What are the different eyelash extension techniques?

There are different types of extensions and installation, to suit all needs. Unlike Russian volume, where a bouquet of synthetic eyelashes is applied to a natural eyelash, eyelash to eyelash application consists of applying only one eyelash each time. Several poses exist:

  • Natural application: we apply a synthetic eyelash every 3 natural eyelashes
  • The refined application: we attach a synthetic eyelash every 2 natural eyelashes
  • Sophisticated application: an extension is placed on each natural eyelash, except for small or weakened eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are not to be confused with Russian volume eyelash extensions, which aim to give much more volume and intensity to the eyes thanks to the application of very fine to extra fine clumps of eyelashes.

When to use the eyelash technique?

Usually, women who wish to have eyelash extensions do so to benefit from greater eyelash volume.

Lengthen eyelashes that are too short

For women who consider their natural eyelashes too short , this technique is ideal. In fact, it will increase the natural volume of their eyelashes while maintaining a natural effect .

A makeup effect without mascara

For women who don't have the time or the desire to put on makeup every morning , eyelash extensions may be the alternative you need. In fact, have an intense look as soon as you wake up and leave your mascara aside!

Be on top for an important event

For some, it is the approach of an important event that will push them to take the plunge. Weddings, birthdays, special occasions, the lash-to-lash technique can actually allow you to enjoy XXL volume to look sublime for all your festive events.

What are the main advantages of lash to lash?

Eyelash extensions allow, among other things:

  • to accentuate and enlarge your gaze,
  • to choose precisely the volume and shape of eyelashes desired,
  • to no longer need to use mascara to lengthen your eyelashes,
  • not to resort to an invasive technique,
  • to benefit from a long-lasting effect (approximately 4 to 6 weeks).

Where to go to get an eyelash extension?

Even if eyelash extension kits are commercially available, it is strongly recommended to carry out this beauty technique in an institute . Indeed, eyelashing requires a certain dexterity and precise and meticulous movements, which only a professional can guarantee.

How is eyelash extensions applied?

The installation of extensions, completely painless, generally lasts 2 to 3 hours . Here are the main steps:

  • a beautician defines and validates with you the type of extensions and the desired pose
  • it cleans and dries your eye area
  • a patch is positioned under your eyes to protect them from glue
  • the beautician cleans and prepares your eyelashes
  • finally, she applies the synthetic eyelashes one by one using tweezers

Average prices for eyelash extensions

For an initial installation of eyelash extensions, plan an average budget of between €60 and €150 . Typically, touch-ups are needed after 3 to 4 weeks. These intermediate poses, also called filling sessions , are more affordable and cost between €50 and €80 .

Finally, don't forget to take care of your eyelashes with our Revitalash eyelashes range, ideal for revitalized and perfectly healthy eyelashes !

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