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Article: What are the alternatives to mascara?

What are the alternatives to mascara?

Many of us sometimes use mascara every day. A gesture that has become a habit for some who struggle to break it. But did you know that there are alternatives to mascara? Techniques which offer a similar result, with black, curled or even thickened eyelashes, but which do not require daily maintenance. A smoky look for all of us is definitely possible.

To enlarge your eyes and give intensity to the look, the mascara step is very often essential . But there are many techniques to avoid having to put on and remove your eyelashes every day. All things considered, it is very simple to have thickened, curled and highlighted eyelashes to display a fresh, sparkling and deep look for several weeks . You just need to know the different alternative techniques to mascara. Discover three of them through this article.

1) Eyelash enhancement for a fresh, natural look

It's no secret that a more open look can completely change the appearance of a face . For you who want to have a curled effect on your eyelashes, know that eyelash enhancement can be a perfect ally . Ideal for short eyelashes, this permanent technique allows you to lift the eyelashes from the root to accentuate their curve while giving the impression of length and volume . So no more using mascara, but also using eyelash curlers.

But be careful, eyelash enhancement must absolutely be carried out by an eye professional in a beauty salon. Painless, a session lasts an hour on average. You will therefore have to be patient to see yourself sporting doe eyes for several days. Because yes, an eyelash enhancement guarantees you results for up to 5 weeks. So much time without having to touch mascara, isn't that ideal?

2) Eyelash tinting for an intense look

This is one of the key techniques for saving time every morning in the bathroom: eyelash tinting. This method allows you to dye your eyelashes permanently, as it is possible to do for our hair or even our eyebrows. It is a good way to deepen, intensify and lastingly coat the look, because in addition to giving the impression of length to our eyelashes, eyelash tinting will give the illusion of volume and density we are looking for. all through the use of mascara. For information, eyelash tinting can be perfectly combined with eyelash enhancement for an optimal, more visible and smoky result .

But you will still have to be careful with its application. Eyelash tinting requires the use of specific products. So don't think you can perform this service with hair coloring products available in hair salons or supermarkets for example. It is therefore strongly recommended not to carry out this service yourself , otherwise you will damage your eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to go through aesthetic professionals to carry out this method. Several providers specializing in eye aesthetics offer this service, which lasts on average 45 minutes and the results can be visible for up to a month and a half maximum.

3) Eyelash extensions to enhance the look

Beautiful eyelashes, long, thick and voluminous while putting aside mascara, this is one of the promises of eyelash extensions . But what is this technique that has become a flagship for almost 5 years? To explain it simply, eyelash extensions are, in a way, the variation of hair extensions, but for the look . This technique consists of gluing false eyelashes to natural eyelashes using ' a special glue. Just like the previous techniques, this service must be carried out by a professional in the field. The objective? Have longer, more curled, thicker eyelashes for a doe-eyed effect without the need to use even the slightest layer of mascara.

The advantage of this service is that it can appeal to both clients wanting a natural effect, with lash-to-lash, as well as those who wish to display an intense look with what is called Russian volume eyelash extension . Concerning the duration of the eyelash extension , it is on average 4 weeks for almost 1h30 to 2 hours of application. However, it is important that you know that this technique requires very specific maintenance . You will therefore need to be careful not to wet your eyelashes and extensions for 2 hours after your application. To ensure their durability, it will be important not to apply any fatty substances. The use of an eyelash curler is not at all recommended after this type of service. The risk ? Damage your extensions, but also your natural eyelashes.

Now it's your turn!

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