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Article: The different types of permanent eye makeup

The different types of permanent eye makeup

An intense look makes bring out the beauty of your face , but enhance your look with perfect make - up takes time . It is why makeup permanent can prove to be a very alternative practical and durable. He East also ideal for the season summer , since it East 100% waterproof .  

Permanent makeup: the long-lasting makeup solution for an always perfect look 

Permanent makeup is not a tattoo. In fact, it ends up fading after several years. It is more of a dermopigmentation done using fine needles, which penetrate colored pigments into the superficial layer of the skin. Permanent makeup must be done in an institute by a professional , because it requires specific equipment and hygienic conditions which must be impeccable. 

Permanent makeup can be used for your convenience, to avoid having to wear makeup every day . But, it can also be used for medical purposes, to hide a scar or to allow a person suffering from certain illnesses to regain a harmonious face full of vitality. 

It is possible to carry out permanent makeup on different areas of the face : 

  • Lips : to give them a fuller effect and revive their color.  
  • Eyes : eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara for a sublime look in all circumstances.  
  • Eyebrows : to reshape your eyebrows and restructure your facial features.  

Eyebrows: what are the permanent makeup techniques to favor? 

Permanent eyebrow makeup is the most popular. And for good reason, putting on eyebrow makeup every morning can be quite tedious and very time-consuming. To always look great even after a trip to the pool or the beach, permanent eyebrow makeup is an ideal solution. Moreover, there are several types which use different techniques. They all use dermopigmentation, but they do not use it in the same way. 


The microblading technique involves meticulously tracing each hair of your eyebrows one by one. The rendering is intended to be more natural . On the other hand, it is not necessarily suitable for oily skin for which the pigments may have difficulty lasting in the long term. 


Microshading is a mix between microblading and powdering , for a makeup effect while remaining natural. Dermopigmentation is applied in the form of small dots to fill in empty areas to harmonize and effectively redraw the lines of your eyebrows . 


This permanent makeup technique is mainly aimed at women with sparse eyebrows , which are difficult to cover with other permanent makeup. Thanks to the combination of various techniques, micrograyling offers redesigned and enhanced eyebrows ! 

Eyelash trimming and eyeliner: permanent makeup to enhance your look 

For a sublime look, eye makeup is an essential element. However, you must take the time to choose your permanent makeup carefully, because even if it is not permanent, it can still last several years. 

The shape of the route 

For a look that gains intensity, it is important to choose the shape of your eyeliner according to the shape of your eyes. In general, there are two types of plot: 

  • The blurred pencil (“Watercolor liner”), the eyeliner line is more outlined for a more natural look.  
  • Felt eyeliner, for an intense look.  

The thickness of your eyeliner should not exceed 4 mm, to avoid any aging effect. It is important that the permanent eyeliner line does not go all the way to the creases of the upper eyelids, because otherwise it creates a “drooping eyelids” effect which can be unsightly. Usually, we do not make up the outer corner of the eye, because it is more fragile, in particular because of the presence of multiple micro-blood vessels. 

Regarding the color of your eyeliner line, generally, black is preferred, because it suits almost all eye colors and remains a neutral color and goes everywhere. However, if you wish, it is entirely possible to create a colored eyeliner line . 

For a more natural look, it is possible to simply apply permanent makeup to the eyelash line . This technique consists of making a line as close as possible to your eyelashes, or even adding points between your eyelashes to subtly intensify your look for an ever more natural effect. 

Duration of sessions 

Most of the time, several sessions are necessary to achieve effective permanent makeup. The first session is of course the longest. Allow around 1h30 for eyelash trimming, 2h for eyeliner and up to 2h30 for permanent eye makeup with eyeshadow. 

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