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Article: Music Festival: how to properly apply eye makeup?

Music Festival: how to properly apply eye makeup?

Summer comes to big not and with him the famous Music Festival . It 's a perfect opportunity to party and enjoy For sublimate your glance by daring a colorful make - up where rhinestones and sequins are At appointment . But , what type of makeup realize For break out of discreet and classic make -up without overdoing it ?  

Party make-up: what are the preferred techniques?  

Make-up for special occasions (festivals, music festivals, New Years) have in common the fact that they must surprise and be different from your usual make-up. More colorful, more flashy, your eyebrow and eye makeup should stand out from the ordinary.  

The glitter  

“Glitter” means glitter in English. For festive occasions, sequins and rhinestones must be included! Applied like freckles, with star patterns or even applied to the neck, arms or chest, glitter will allow you to shine brightly. It is, in fact, very common that glitter is used to embellish makeup and thus illuminate your eyes . Gold, silver or colored, glitter can come in all shapes and colors possible and imaginable.  

Graphic makeup  

Graphic makeup combines both flashy color and refined geometric shapes . It also takes up the make-up fashion of the seventies while readapting it to current modern design. This type of surprising and often very artistic makeup can be an attractive solution for a festive evening. You can even consider having musical notes drawn on your face, to be completely in line with the theme of the evening!  

Holographic makeup  

This futuristic-looking make-up has the principle of changing color depending on its exposure to light . For example, blue eyeshadow can turn green depending on the type of light your face receives. This type of original makeup can really make a statement at a party. In addition, many shades are available according to your tastes and desires of the moment.  


Tips for festive and universal makeup  

Here are some easy tips to achieve for the perfect party makeup that will enhance your eyes in a creative and original way.  

Step 1: brighten your complexion  

As with all makeup, having an unified and fresh complexion is the basis for any successful makeup. Always remember to use a foundation that matches your skin color. For the occasion, you can even put more emphasis on the highlighter for an even brighter effect.  

Step 2: Eye Makeup  

The eyes are the essential step in your make-up. Here are some key steps to follow to achieve perfect makeup for the music festival:  

  1. Apply a primer to your eyelids for better hold of your makeup .  
  2. Color your mobile eyelid by first using a shiny eyeshadow at the lash line. Next, apply dark eye shadow (black or brown) to your entire eyelid.  
  3. Add a touch of light by opting for a light eye shadow and applying it under the eyebrow. This will have the effect of highlighting the natural line of your eyebrows and brightening your eyes.  
  4. Blend your makeup with a brush so that the line is not too visible between the dark eyeshadow and the light eyeshadow used under the eyebrow.  
  5. Draw a line under the lower lash line with a pencil to highlight your eyes. You can continue your line to the inner corner of the eye.  
  6. Tips: if you want to intensify your look, add black shadow in the crease of the eyelid, for a guaranteed intense look effect!  
  7. Glitter: a little tip to make sure your glitter lasts all evening is to fix it with an eyebrow fixing gel . You must first apply it to the eyelid and then add the glitter on top. The result is simply exceptional.  


Step 3: Enhance your look  

For successful party makeup, don't forget to enhance your eyes with a line of black or colored eyeliner depending on your makeup. You can also opt for eyelash extensions to intensify your look. This gives a sublime effect on photos.  

Also remember to apply kohl to the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid and perfect your makeup with mascara.  

Finally, for a party make-up, even if your eyes are heavily made-up, you can opt for a red lips, or even glittery lipstick, very trendy at the moment for festive occasions.  

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