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Article: The amazing looks for Halloween 2021.

The amazing looks for Halloween 2021.

Ah, Halloween! The season of blankets, the pretty colors in the trees that we get lost in observing during long walks in the countryside, the smells of humidity and dead leaves, pumpkin soups, practical work with the family around 'hot chocolate, pumpkins and... gothic makeup, horror in orange and black tones!


What could be nicer than getting ready for a Halloween party and showing off your sublime highlighted eyes while staying in the spirit (no pun intended!) of ghosts, vampires, witches, skeletons and pumpkins? Yes, it is entirely possible to be trendy, classy and attractive, while remaining in the theme of this wonderfully terrifying celebration, originating from Scotland and Ireland!


Are you running out of ideas? Discover our tips and tutorials for successful Halloween makeup!


Halloween makeup: our ideas for quick makeup

No time (or desire) to do a full makeup look for Halloween? Discover our ideas and tips for a successful make-up in just a few minutes!


Focus on Halloween colors

 If you prefer to opt for sobriety, you can simply consider putting your makeup routine in Halloween colors. Orange, black, gray, white… On October 31, anything goes!
Highlight your eyes with orange eyeshadow, contrasted with mascara, pencil and black eyeliner. Simple but effective !


Amplify your eyebrows

 Eyebrows allow us to show our emotions. Frowned, they represent anger and annoyance... So why not exaggerate your eyebrows for Halloween?

Using an eyebrow pencil , redraw their shape or accentuate them to give you a naughty look.


Hide your eyebrows

 What's more disturbing than a face without eyebrows? A means of expressing our emotions, eyebrows are an essential element of our face... For quick and effective makeup, you can simply mask your eyebrows. To do this, nothing could be simpler: take a glue stick and apply a layer of it to your eyebrows. Brush your hairs upwards then apply a second coat to smooth the eyebrow and create a flat surface. Once the glue has dried, you can cover the eyebrow with a white or transparent loose powder. Then use concealer, then foundation or other makeup on your eyebrows. And voila !


Make up only your eyes

 Using a pencil, you can very easily and quickly apply makeup to your eyes for Halloween. A great classic, the spider web around the eye always has its effect and allows you to particularly highlight your eyes.
Another option: opt for eyebrow makeup by coloring them red and drawing a few drops of blood flowing from them!


Halloween make-up: our ideas for a total look

 Are you more of a total look type? Never mind ! There's no shortage of ideas to adorn your pretty face with a terrifying temporary identity!


Halloween Makeup This:

© Pexel

 For one evening, become the evil clown that no one would want to meet...

A little blood red makeup and white powder will be enough for you to achieve this makeup look that will not fail to surprise and seduce your guests and friends!


  • Apply foundation or white powder, it's up to you.
  • Make up your eyes quite generously with blood red eyeshadow (make a gradient of very saturated blood red around the eyes which fades little by little)
  • Intensify the look with eyeliner and black eyebrow mascara
  • Make a blood red triangle (more or less thin, it's up to you!) above each eyebrow, making sure that they are symmetrical and that they go high enough on your forehead.
  • Make two red inverted question marks (imagine your pupil is the point of these!) both looking towards your nose ending at the corner of your lips
  • Make up the tip of the nose up to the nostrils in red
  • Finish with a pretty lipstick (identical in color!)




Sad Witch (simple):

© Pexel

Becoming a witch or a demon (everyone will see what they want to see, the main thing being to scare!) has never been so simple!


  • Apply foundation or white powder, it's up to you according to your tastes
  • Make up your eyes with black in a very pronounced way
  • Draw drips with pencil (or eyeliner) starting from the intense black area of ​​your eye makeup then fill them with black
  • Apply opaque black to your lips
  • That's it !


You're ready for Halloween!
Don't forget, October 31 is above all an opportunity to have fun and give free rein to your imagination. So don’t hesitate to use and overuse dark and orange tones for a trendy make-up that will have an effect!

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