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Article: What shape of eyebrows according to the shape of my face?

What shape of eyebrows according to the shape of my face?

The eyebrow is a difficult art. Although there are no perfect eyebrows, their shape has a huge impact on the harmony of a face. If for a long time the eyebrow ended in a drawn line, the trend is now for naturally thick eyebrows. Straight, arched or rounded… A suitable eyebrow shape for each face.

Why adapt the shape of the eyebrows to the shape of your face?

Whatever the morphology of the face, there is a shape of the eyebrow to highlight it. Rounded, arched or slightly drooping ... it is important to know the correct shape to balance the expression of a face and give it character.
If a well-defined eyebrow can give personality and rejuvenate the eyes, a sparse eyebrow that is too thin on the contrary gives a bland face, with little expression. Hence the interest in identifying the morphology to adapt the correct eyebrow line.

The points of reference to know to define the right length of the eyebrows

To determine the correct length of the eyebrows, it is necessary to identify landmarks specific to each brow bone. Naturally, the shape of the eyebrow is outlined in a triangle, from where the alignment of three points more or less marked.
Using the pencil technique, the identification of the three landmarks is done simply by positioning it on target points.

- Starting from the wing of the nose, place a pencil vertically so that it is aligned with the inner corner of the eye, thus marking the starting point of the shape of the eyebrow.
- To identify the arch of the eyebrow, always starting from the side of the nose, move the pencil towards the outside of the face 3/4 of the starting point of the eyebrow. The summit is therefore the highest point which marks the start of the descending line of the eyebrow. By placing the pencil from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, you will find the tail of the eyebrow that ends in a point.

The different face shapes with the shape of the eyebrows that is more suited to them

Square face
On a square face, the facial features are well defined and the jawline is marked. To soften this look, we put on a thick eyebrow with a circumflex shape that ends in a long point.
Slender face
To give the appearance of a shorter face and lighten this type of bone structure, we break the shape with straight, rather horizontal eyebrows.
Triangle shape
If the forehead is wide and the face ends in a small chin, it is necessary to bring softness to the features by slightly rounded and arched eyebrows.
Round face
A rounded face is naturally soft. To break this aspect of roundness, the eyebrow is arched and slightly thick.
Oval face
The harmony of the oval face offers a multitude of possibilities. To soften the face, the rounded shape is to be preferred and on the contrary for more character, the eyebrows are more marked by an arc.

Mistakes to avoid

- Waxing your eyebrows is strongly discouraged. This type of hair removal breaks the hair and deforms the sheath in which it is lodged, which causes poor hair regrowth. Hair removal with tweezers is certainly longer, but it offers a more precise and optimal result in the long term.

- It is important to avoid going it alone, as this may damage the eyebrows, make holes or distort them. It is recommended that you hire a professional to determine the correct line for your face.

- Depilate your eyebrows too often, a mistake that should not be made in order to maintain a natural line. In addition, regrowth will be more frequent.

- Ignore the eyebrow line ... Applying makeup to your eyebrows is above all about highlighting your face as naturally as possible and not going against an original line.

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