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Article: How to make up thin eyebrows?

How to make up thin eyebrows?

Because a well-defined eyebrow gives character and depth to the eyes, there are many techniques to achieve a perfect line to the hair. Poorly plucked eyebrows, too thin or even sparse? There is necessarily a solution to structure the arch naturally.

Prepare the eyebrows for makeup

Nourish the eyebrows daily to densify them

To find full eyebrows, it is possible to give them a boost by opting for revitalizing treatments specially designed to nourish and densify them. With formulas with natural extracts, some serums stimulate hair growth and strengthen it. In daily application every evening, these essences regenerate the hairs during sleep for a visible result after a few weeks.

Prepare the eyebrows for makeup

For optimal results, make up the eyebrows on perfectly cleansed skin regardless of the technique used. Indeed, makeup residues such as foundation hide the hair and do not identify the areas to be treated.
To intensify sparse or too thin eyebrows, makeup is the most effective solution to find a beautiful harmony of the face. Two possibilities are available to you: make-up products dedicated to the eyebrows or semi-permanent makeup eyebrows.

Thicken an eyebrow line with suitable makeup products

To restructure an eyebrow, all you need to do is arm yourself with the right products and accessories. Powder, gel to texturize the eyebrow ... In a snap pencil, it is possible to obtain a very natural result to densify the eyebrow and fill in the holes with color.

Semi-permanent make-up for sparse eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup, comparable to a temporary tattoo, offers a radical solution that allows you to no longer worry about the shape of the eyebrows every morning and to avoid the makeup / makeup removal steps.

Dermo-pigmentation, an alternative to eyebrow makeup

Dermo-pigmentation makes it possible to find a defined, precise line and above all, an almost perfect symmetry of the face. A method that can offer a very natural result when done well. The technique involves the implantation of colored pigments in the superficial layers of the epidermis in order to naturally densify the eyebrow and create a shadow effect under the hairs. Unlike a tattoo, the dermis is not affected since the ink is only implanted on the upper layers, hence the semi-permanence of the design (between 6 months and a year depending on the type of skin ).

Atelier du Sourcil, specialist in eyebrow restructuring

A pioneer in the field of dermo-pigmentation and the beauty of the eyes, Atelier du Sourcil provides personalized services to restructure the eyebrows in their entirety. With the help of a personalized diagnosis, experts with unique know-how offer advice and solutions to find the perfect harmony of the face.
Discover all of our treatments to offer you a tailor-made look.

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