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Article: Why is Guasha an ally of beauty?

Why is Guasha an ally of beauty?

The ancient Chinese beauty technology "Guasha" aims to detoxify, restore skin luster and prevent signs of aging. This massage is a real added value in her daily beauty care for her face and her eyes.

Guasha was originally an ancient Chinese treatment technique, which used massage tools to "scrape" the skin to improve health, including stimulating the microcirculation of soft tissue. This method is used to treat heatstroke and seasonal diseases such as colds. Guasha massage can be done with any tool, whether it's pebbles, animal horns or even spoons. Gradually, the technology has become a real ritual of health, relaxation and meditation, especially in skin beauty. Guasha permit Release the voltage In addition to the face, there are Evacuation of lymphatic vessels Remove all toxins. Lymph is a liquid that removes toxic waste from the body. Lymphatic drainage stimulates our immune system, promotes cell irrigation and regeneration, and helps solve facial problems such as pockets, dry skin, redness, irritation, and even acne or eczema. This kind of massage plays a vital role in the daily facial beauty, but it can also relieve the pressure and relieve the facial expression, and provide a happy moment at the same time.

 How to choose his Guasha?

Also known as Guasha Stone instruments This makes this soothing and draining massage possible. They come in several forms, the most common of which are fish, hearts or angel wings.

It may be necessary to choose the right stone, especially if you are right Stone therapy That is to say, the power of the stone. There are many crystals, including pink quartz, green jadeite, emery, Amethyst and obsidian. Each stone has different advantages: pink quartz is a stone of love and peace connected with the heart, green jade can treat acne, enhance the immune system, Amethyst can promote peace and balance.

Whether you are attracted to the stone, or sensitive to its merits or color, you must be consistent with the stone. When choosing massage tools, weight and height are also very important, because it may make practice more or less easy and enjoyable. Too large a stone can't massage some parts of the face, while too small a stone can complicate the massage of larger areas.

What is the preferred oil for Guasha massage?

What is the massage of Guasha vegetable oil The best choice is organic and high quality. Although the skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, choose oil that matches the skin of the whole face. Ania, face yoga teacher and Facebook yoga studioForrest Gump is an adaptive oil because it comes from a plant in the desert and must adapt to extreme climatic conditions. Sesame oil is also ideal for dry and mature skin, hazelnut oil for oily and imperfect skin, and sweet almond oil for sensitive skin.

 How to use Guasha in eyes?

Massage the whole face and eyes to beautify the eyes. We use Smooth and slow motionNo need to press or use small pumps or small waves to drain the lymph but also activate microcirculation. Usually when you wake up, you may notice that the eyes are swollen, have drooping pockets and eyelids. This is a sign that the lymph is stagnating, the Gua Sha allows it to circulate to overcome these problems. Lymphatic drainage is particularly recommended to control puffiness. Gua Sha massage removes edema under the epidermis. However, when the skin deflates, it may cause more wrinkles to appear as it is no longer smoothed by the swelling.

Ania then advises to practice in addition to this massage facial yoga exercises to tone the muscles around the eyes and tone loose skin to reduce noticeable wrinkles.

Do we have the same results by performing the massage with a jade roller ?

The jade roller is also an increasingly fashionable beauty tool. Rather, it acts on the superficial part of the skin. In particular, it can be used to apply care or masks in order to get them into place while giving yourself a real moment of well-being. The roller is very pleasant to decongest the eyes, as is the use of cold objects to lift and deflate the skin. Nevertheless unlike Gua Sha, it has no long-term effect because it does not treat the reason for the swelling, which is the stagnation of the lymph.

How often should Gua Sha massage be performed?

The face should not be constantly solicited because even when we do not feel it, it is active when we talk, eat or focus on something. "It's important to give him days when he doesn't do anything extra like massages or exercises," Ania explains. It recommends that a Gua Sha massage no more than three times a week. This massage is beneficial in the long term thanks to a cumulative effect. This means that if this massage is done regularly, the stagnant lymph will leave more easily than if lymphatic drainage is never achieved.

It can be practiced in the morning to circulate fluids, decongest the face but also to restore a shine and a good-looking effect. In the evening, it will instead completely ease the tensions and offer yourself a good time.

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