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Article: Eye makeup: How to have drawn, colored and intense eyebrows?

Eye makeup: How to have drawn, colored and intense eyebrows?

Even a few years ago, the fashion was for thin eyebrows. Today the new trend is to have thick, full eyebrows to give character to the face. And for them to look perfect, why not indulge in some eyebrow tint? Discover the different methods to color your eyebrows, at home and in the Workshop.

Who is eyebrow coloring for?

Eyebrow coloring is useful for women who have white or receding hairline brows. It gives the impression of fuller eyebrows, defines the line and intensifies the look.

Semi-permanent make-up in the workshop

If you want perfect eyebrows without having to touch them up daily, give it a try semi-permanent eyebrow makeup at Atelier du Sourcil. This method is practiced in the workshop by professionals, it is quick and low risk. The result is natural and adapted to the shape of the face.

If you are adynamic womanwho doesn't have the time to apply eyebrow makeup every morning, this method is for you.

How it works ?

The practitioner inserts, using a needle, pigments into the upper layer of the epidermis to trace a curve, color it and fill in areas of the eyebrow bare of hair.

How does the semi-permanent makeup session work?

The first step is to do a "eyebrow restructuring". The practitioner defines the line of your eyebrows, plucks them if necessary, corrects its shape ... Then, she determines with you the shade, the one that most closely matches your natural color.

In a second step, the technician advises you on the shape of the eyebrows and draws the curve in pencil to define a line adapted to the shape of the face. She tests you to verify that the product does not cause any allergies.

The coloring can finally begin, she applies the dye and leaves it for a few minutes. She then rinses to remove all residue.

The pain is not overwhelming, but it is not pleasant either. The most delicate and sensitive can apply an anesthetic cream before starting the session.

Don't be afraid to walk out of the institute with dark eyebrows, that's okay! After a few days, you will have some scabs that will fall off, and your eyebrows will lighten.

Precautions to be taken after a semi-permanent make-up session:

After the session, to avoid the build-up of scabs, it is recommended to apply a moisturizer morning and evening for a week. You should also avoid getting your eyebrows wet and not exposing them to the sun for 7 days, so that the color does not turn green.

How to color your eyebrows at home!

Some recommendations before coloring your eyebrows

  • Hair removal

Before proceeding to the coloring step, you will need to pluck your eyebrows according to your body type. Namely, depending on the size and shape of your face.

  • Choose a shade

Choose a shade close to your natural color. If you want unsophisticated "natural" eyebrows, go for a neutral color. Choose a semitone above your natural color to highlight and intensify your eyes!

  • Brush your eyebrows

Before reshaping your eyebrows, use a brush and brush your eyebrows from top to bottom, and from the inside of the line to the outside. Brushing them will allow you to see the sparse areas to be filled and thus obtain a perfect harmony.

The different methods for coloring your eyebrows

Pencil, eye shadow, coloring kit, special eyebrow mascara, mousse cream… there are many products on the market. Choose the makeup you are most comfortable with. For each product, follow the usage tips carefully to avoid any missteps.

  • Coloring your eyebrows with a pencil

To reshape your eyebrows, apply Sublimabrow Eyebrow Pencil lightly, without applying too much pressure. Make small strokes from the top of your eyebrows to the tip. Fill in the holes and redraw the curve of the eyebrow at the ends, making small, light gestures to recreate the hair, without creating a real line.

If you want fuller brows, just repeat the gesture and use the other side of the Sublimabrow, the brush, to brush your brows.

The advantage of the eyebrow pencil is that it allowsto drawminutelythe eyebrows and that the coloring lasts all day.

  • Color the eyebrows with a colored gel fixative

Apply the Browshape Colored Gel from the head of the eyebrow to the tip. If you want more intensified eyebrows, just repeat the gesture.

The advantage of the brush allows for more definition.

  • Color the eyebrows with mousse cream

Apply a small amount of Perm-a-Line mousse cream using the brush applicator, make small, slightly angled strokes to obtain densified eyebrows with a natural look. Then use a bottle brush to blend the cream. Repeat the gesture if you want a more marked, intense and structured result.
When you're done, let dry for a few minutes.

The advantage of this cream is that it allows you to have pretty eyebrows drawn, colored and intense in a natural way.

 How to hold its coloring?

To guarantee long-lasting hair color, finish by applying the Browshape transparent fixing gel, which will be perfect for taming and magnifying your eyebrows.

 Mistakes to avoid with your eyebrows

  • We do not recommend coloring your eyebrows with hair dye. The components are not suitable for eyebrow hair and the proximity of the eyes prevents any mishandling. You may get burns and redness. If the product is too aggressive, eyebrow hair may fall out.
  • Never use hydrogen peroxide to lighten your eyebrows. By making your eyebrows clear, your eyes will be dull;
  • Do not choose a shade darker than your natural color, you may look angry.

In short, the coloring of the eyebrows in the Workshop is not a simple make-up, it is a real time saver. For those who are more hesitant about semi-permanent makeup, you now know all the eyebrow makeup products to use at home.

You now have all the keys in hand to make up your eyebrows to perfection and magnify your eyes!

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